The problem of constipation; it is particularly related to our unhealthy diet, our still life style, and our meal jumps. Before we seek remedies, we should seek help from foods that we can easily reach and enjoy while we eat or drink. Plums, apples, spinach, cabbage, figs, leeks, apricots, grapes, olive oil and cassia are also effective in removing constipation. So how should we consume all these foods so that we can really cure our constipation problem. Here are some foods that are good for constipation.


A, C and B group vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron minerals rich in plum, constipation is also effective in the problem. Plums, which facilitate digestion are a good diuretic and relieving for constipation. Especially if you eat compote regularly, you will see that your bowels work very well. Dried plums are also good against constipation. Soak the plums in the evening and eat on an empty stomach in the morning, drink the juice on it, is very effective against the problem of constipation.


Experts advise to consume fiber foods against constipation. Here are apples, one of the most valuable food. Because there are 5 grams of fiber in 180 grams. The combination of water-soluble fibers and water-insoluble fibers in the apple, which plays a major role in the digestive tract, triggers and accelerates bowel movements. But you should make it a habit to eat the apple without peeling it. Because the fiber is more dense in the shell. In addition, if you eat the apple before meals is more effective in relieving constipation.


Spinach is a rich plant with the necessary minerals and vitamins for the body, and has the ability to help digestion and ease digestion. A good source of fiber, especially when consumed raw in the salad. Of course, you don’t have to eat spinach raw. In addition, boiling spinach sweetened with honey to drink, good for constipation.


Cabbage is a fibrous food, making it easier to digest, preventing constipation. You can drink as much as a cup by boiling and sweeten with honey. You can also squeeze the leaves and drink this cabbage juice into the empty stomach. You can consume this water in the morning, noon and night before bedtime. You can also avoid constipation you can boil 10 cabbage leaves and drink 2-3 cups from cabbage water a day.


Fig, which has the highest fiber content compared to any fruit and vegetable is effective for eliminating constipation and removing toxic substances in the intestines. In case of constipation, you can consume fresh figs. You can also increase intestinal activity by putting dried figs on water in the evening and eat them on an empty stomach in the morning. In addition, after washing five dried figs thoroughly, put them in a glass of water and wait for one night, you can eat in the morning again on an empty stomach and drink it water. This will help for constipation.


Leek has plenty of vitamins, minerals and various nitrites with healing properties and is very effective in gastrointestinal disorders. Leek cooked without rice and with olive oil is very effective in constipation and regulating the intestinal flora. It is beneficial to consume at least four times a week.


Fresh apricots that help digestion when eaten after meals can cause diarrhea when eaten a bit too much. But it is also an important drug against constipation in this aspect. If you boil sun-dried apricots with milk and then drink, you can get a good result against constipation. In addition, keep wait five dried apricots in hot water for one or two hours. You should take care to eat it especially before going to bed in the evening. If you apply this cure for three weeks, you can regulate your intestines.


The laxative effect of sinne is due to antrachinone derivatives and some glycosides. You can use the leaves of sinne for a short time in case of constipation. However, the duration of use should not exceed 10 days. Otherwise, your intestines may be irritated. To minimize this irritation, it is more appropriate to mix sinne with fennel. You can also drink sinne for abdominal pain and gas.


The grape, which accelerates digestion, regulates the functioning of the intestinal system and relieves intestinal pains, is particularly effective in constipation. Add 10 grams of raisins into a glass of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. With this you can overcome the problem of constipation. You should drink three glasses of this grape cure every day.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, which benefits many diseases, is also effective in the problem of constipation. Olive oil, which is effective in protecting against gastritis and ulcer, regulates the operation of the intestines by providing better absorption of nutrients by the intestines since it is easy to digest. Olive oil also prevents constipation by facilitating the passage of food through the intestines. Remember, one or two tablespoons of olive oil before breakfast is good for simple chronic constipation. You can mix it with water for better results.

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