While people are running between life struggle, livelihood anxiety, intense work tempo, they unconsciously drag themselves into a very stressful life. This stressful life will cause the person’s productivity to decrease and not enjoy life after a while. However, some people have new efforts to get away from this stressful environment and to clear their heads. The type of habits that we call hobby and which change according to the personality and taste of everyone is quite a lot. For example, among the hobbies suitable for summer months; fishing, diving or growing flowers are just a few of them. Apart from these, there are many other areas.

Reading book is the most productive, most beautiful and most useful one among the hobby types. This contain so many features that they do not end with counting. As a child, elders and teachers around us advise us to read books. They talk about the benefits of reading books. None of these advice is empty. When the statistics are analyzed, it is seen that the societies reading books are far ahead in education and culture level compared to those with low reading rate. Most of the problems such as quarrel, theft, and disagreement are rare in societies that have made reading books a habit.Reading books is the best of habits and addictions. Those who enjoy reading books and who spend a little time every day can observe that there are positive changes in their life and personality. So what are the benefits of reading books? Here are some of the benefits of it.

Helps you Cope with Stress

reading book

It has also been confirmed by research conducted by scientists that reading books reduces stress. At the end of a busy and tiring work day, a 20-30 page book you will read will take you away from the worries of the day. In particular, a love book that does not tire people and ends with a happy ending will spread the positive energy in both your soul and your brain. When you make reading a book, which is among the top hobbies that are good for stress, a habit, you will notice that you are noticeably distanced from your anxiety and anxiety. Besides, you will not only benefit from stress, but you will see many other benefits.

Your Vocabulary Expands


People who read too much have read too many sentences and therefore too many words. We do not use such different term words during daily conversation. Or we are not talking about an artist, a painter, a place that exists in the world. But as we read a book, we constantly learn new words. This is reflected in our speaking style over time. A person with low vocabulary is constantly blocked when explaining or discussing any topic. He thinks, waits, looks for the appropriate word. On the other hand, someone who reads a book succeeds in gathering all the attention and make everyone listen to herself/himself with the words he uses while talking. Once you make a habit of reading books, you will notice the changes that have begun to occur in you.

Your Ability to Empathize Improves

Empathize Improves

The more books, the more new lives. Every story you read gives you sections from other people’s lives. You will witness their happiness, troubles and difficulties. Most of us cannot open our hearts to each other in normal life. Sometimes misunderstanding and sometimes our ego prevents this. But we also expect people to understand us. The lack of mutual communication and lack of empathy causes huge disputes. Reading books gives us the ability to empathize. In this way, we can put ourselves in front of us and try to think and feel like it. Tolerance should always be considered as the sibling of empathy. A person who can empathize is also tolerant, these two traits are strong enough to overcome all problems.

Strengthens your Memory

reading books

A person reading a book does not allow his brain to become lazy. Everything that works develops over time and gets better. This is the case in every point of human life. We do sports, our muscles become stronger, we cook constantly, we become a good cook, we work, we succeed in exams. The more we train our brains and the stronger, we don’t let them remain empty. Especially the elderly need to read books even if they have 20-30 pages every day. Activities such as reading books and solving puzzles an prevent many brain diseases, especially alzheimer’s. You should be careful about read a book. Even for little time too you should read book in day. There will be an increase in the time you read over time.

Changes your Perspective on Life

perspective on life scaled

Now whoever we turn and ask from the street, he says that he is not satisfied with his life. This dissatisfaction covers such a large area. Some complain about their external appearance, some about the life they live in, and some complain about their family. And a fact that is inherent in human beings is that everyone sees the suffering he suffers as the biggest pain in the world. Then you take a book and start read. In any part of the world, you read that someone of the same age and same characteristics as it must fight to survive. You learn that a 9-year-old boy who has to play with his toys has to work, that someone at the peak of his career is paralyzed by an accident. And suddenly your perspective on life changes. Now you will complain less and be more thankful. This is a very nice hobby to change your perspective on life. In this way, you begin to live by knowing the value of what you have.

Increases your Self-Confidence

self confident

This item, in which we list the benefits of reading books, is actually in line with the increase of general culture. If a person is not familiar with the situation in question, he cannot comment. He is afraid to speak and engage in discussion. Because he does not have enough information, he thinks that he cannot rule out the other side. However, someone who reads books constantly knows every subject. This situation gives him/her confidence. He sees the potential to engage in any discussion in himself and to convince what he knows to the other party.

Makes it Easy to Communicate

communicate with people

Almost all the benefits of regular book reading combine in speaking and self-expression. Easy communication is one of them. Sometimes we go into an environment, we meet new people. While we can mingle and be friends with some of them in a very short time, we feel as if there is some distance between them. The only reason for this is communication disconnection. People who have difficulties in communicating, make friends more difficult, explain themselves more difficult. People who read books are extremely comfortable and talkative.

Increase Concentration Power

concentration in crowd

Of course, someone who reads books does not expect the environment to be quiet and calm. Because now people compete over time. Student, employee, housewife does not notice, everyone is in an intense pace. As such, someone who loves to read books tries to read whatever they find. Someone who tries to read books on the bus, the subway and the ferry tries to isolate himself from outside voices and understand what he is reading. This gives that person a serious concentration and focus ability. This talent will come back to you in other parts of your life.

Streamline your Life

streamline your life

Let’s take a look at the life we ​​live. Is our today yesterday and yesterday the same as tomorrow? This vicious circle continues by chasing days, months and years. We have to do something to color and streamline our own lives. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but reading our book is the most inexpensive and non-tiring one. The first thing to do for this is to set a list for yourself. For example, first, prepare a list of the best personal development books.

Identify the most read and best selling books of recent years. Make a promise to yourself that I will read all of these books this year and put it into practice. You don’t have to give yourself a book for hours, but you have a rule. For example, say that I will read at least 50 pages every day. Every success achieved, every task fulfilled gives people peace of mind. By the end of the year, I have read the most popular personal development books and have an idea about all of them, believe it will make you feel great. This order that you have created in a small part of your life will later guide you in other areas.

Books Make us Love Life

make us love life

In fact, there is a wonderful life that flows in front of our eyes every day. But while we pursue great happiness, we often miss small happiness. Books are the only tools that make us realize the beauty of life. In one of the stories you read; germination, germination of a sown seed, growing and playing with children under it are explained. In another story; if a sick person does not accept defeat and fight, hugs life and win the fight. Some of these stories are real, some are fiction, but all of them make us love life more and hug us with four hands. It also allows us to deduct ourselves from the books we read.

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