As a result of the patience of training, nutrition and rest activities, it is to store muscle in the body. Muscles are living organisms that are essential for body resistance. It is known that people with a certain amount of muscle in their body stay away from heart and vascular diseases. Also, muscles are structures that strengthen bones. Thus, it also minimizes the risk of osteoporosis. Regular and sports trainings provide the body with muscle after a while. Muscles are supported by nutrition and sleep. Nutrition is the most important factor for building muscle. This article contains useful information for those who are new to sports and make sports an important point in their life. Those who are looking for an answer to the question of how can we make muscle are very lucky. Because you are on the right page. In this article, which lists the nutrients required for muscle formation, muscle building diets are suspended for a while and muscle formation is supported with the healthiest choices. Those who use protein powder to build muscle, those who wonder how should we eat eggs to build muscle! Here is the list of muscle-building foods.


When we say muscle building foods, it may not be the first food that comes to your mind. But there is something you need to know! Thanks to the bromelain substance in pineapple content, it provides the breakdown of proteins. In this way, it prevents muscle inflammations and prevents the formation of muscle aches after sports. Research shows that bromelain is at least as effective as ibuprofen in fighting muscle pain. It is very important to eat a few slices of pineapple after sports for a healthy muscle development.


When we say increasing muscle mass, we are sure that the first food that comes to your mind is egg. The reason why the egg turn so high among the athletes is that it makes 99% of the amount of protein it contains in the body. This nutrient, which does what any other nutrient cannot do and is called the “most valuable source of protein”, also prevents unnecessary weight gain due to its low calorie. However, an important rule to consider is to take care of consuming the white to get better results from egg consumption. At the same time, thanks to the vitamin B12 it contains, it provides fat dissolution and increases muscle concentration. Eating only one of the three egg’s yolk you will consume by boiling or frying in low fat will help you avoid excess fat and calories you will get into your body.

Olive Oil

One of the healthy living secrets of Mediterranean and Aegean people is known as olive oil used in meals. Foods prepared with olive oil make digestion easier. If we say that it is quite strong in terms of unsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids, you will not miss it from your kitchen. If you consume olive oil, you may notice that the muscles are repaired and supported faster. It is recommended for everyone.


Yoghurt will appear as a nutrient that works metabolism and supports muscle development in healthy nutrition programs. Being among the sources of vitamin D is also effective for body development. A bowl of yogurt that you will consume during the day when you become hungry will make a great contribution to you. Moreover, try to do home yoghurt. It will be more benefit than others.

Whole Grains

Since whole-grain foods are slow to digest, they will provide you with a great deal of energy both during and after training. At the same time, these foods promote the work of growth hormone and contribute greatly to muscle development. At the same time, since whole grain foods do not contain refined sugar, they prevent the fat in the lumbar region. In this way, it helps you to have a thin and muscular abdomen you dream of.

Chicken Meat

The breast part of chicken meat contains high levels of protein. Being rich in terms of B vitamins attracts the attention of athletes. Thanks to B vitamins, you can be more dynamic in physical activities. If you consume chicken meat, you can always be energized in training or outdoor sports. Well, this situation will be reflected directly to your muscles and muscle formation will be supported.

Curd Cheese

Cheeses are generally consumed in moderation as they have salty taste. But curd cheese has a slightly different position in this regard. Low fat content is one of the reasons for being preferred. Approximately 100 grams of curd cheese contains 28 grams of protein. This figure is an ideal value for muscle building. You can consume curd cheese by adding it to the salad or by making an omelet for breakfast.


Spinach stands in an important place in muscle building. Research shows that spinach is effective in muscle building thanks to the high nitrate contained in it. Nitrate ensures that the fibers of the red and white muscle tissues become thicker and thus the tissues become stronger. Because nitrate promotes the secretion of calcium, which plays an important role in muscle contractions.


For a body with a low muscle ratio, building muscle will be directly proportional to the meal program. You can speed up muscle repair in your body with meals organized with healthy and muscular foods. At this point, we will suggest you almonds. You can easily consume almonds before or after sports. You should add the almond, which is a source of vitamin E in your snacks.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are rich sources of nutrients they contain. It helps you build up the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fat molecules you need by keeping your fat rate low while providing muscle tissue. Since it is very difficult to carry the protein foods you need to build muscle with you during the day, you can close this gap by consuming dried nuts at snacks. Here are some nuts and protein amounts of 100 grams; peanuts – 25 grams, almond – 22 grams, hazelnut – 15 grams, pine nuts – 21 grams.


This very low-calorie food also has a high fiber content and causes significant fat loss. It also facilitates the excretion of free radicals formed after sports thanks to its antioxidant feature. Many vitamins that it contains prevent the individual from falling tired after sports and suffering from diseases that may develop accordingly.


Oats contain complex carbohydrates and protein, as well as muscle building nutrients. A bowl of dry oatmeal contains 3.4 mg iron and 0.9 mg niacin, or vitamin B3. Iron is responsible for the transport of oxygen to the bloodstream and muscles. B vitamins help convert carbohydrates into energy and use proteins properly, thereby contributing to muscle development.


The fact that banana contains three different types of sugar makes banana a great carbohydrate that can be consumed before and after training. You can consume both easy-to-carry and cholesterol-free bananas in your diet very comfortably. But there is an important issue to be aware of! Thanks to the high potassium content of banana, it can cause problems in individuals with kidney and heart diseases.


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