Pilates, a favorite form of exercise in recent years, has become synonymous with weak women and strong muscles. But the benefits of pilates go far beyond strengthening the muscles and giving the body flexibility. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, you can reduce your back pain, improve your bone density and increase your heart rate by practicing this whole body exercise regularly. These amazing benefits include pilates; the combination of effective training, regular strength and cardio-fitness makes it an exercise routine. We have listed the amazing benefits of pilates that you never knew.

It Helps you Lose Weight

If you want to lose one kilogram in a week, you need to reduce 500 calories less than your normal diet. Or instead of reduce calorie you can do calorie burning sports. That’s where pilates can help you. According to research done; the calorie burn during pilates exercise ranges from 4 to 8 calories per minute, depending on the intensity of your weight. Experts recommend moderate intensive exercise for 45-60 minutes at least four days a week as part of the weight loss program. Of course, this period does not include warm-up and cooling exercises. That’s why pilates is a very good exercise option.

It Reduces Back Pain

It will be a very useful exercise for those who suffer from constant back pain. According to a study, people with low back pain continued a 4-week pilates program over a 12-month period and found that pilates significantly reduced back pain. According to Pilates instructors; Pilates strengthens the muscles to support the back, gives a smoother posture and reduces the problems caused by the incorrect posture of the tight back muscles. In addition, pilates help to eliminate basic imbalances that cause poor posture and back pain. In this context, special pilates exercises are recommended to strengthen the spine.

It Prevents Injuries

Pilates helps to increase flexibility, endurance and improve balance. Pilates instructors says that these properties reduce the risk of injury. According to experts, if you can increase the flexibility of your calfes by 10 degrees thanks to pilates, you will not hurt your back when you need to bend down to your daily life. When you develop your full body strength, you can also minimize movement-related injuries. In addition, unilateral one-leg pilates movements improve the balance of the entire body and reduce the risk of falling. Finally, Pilates reduces body stress, creating joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments, creating body consciousness to create efficient movement patterns.

It Corrects your Posture

Sitting at a table all day and constantly looking at a smartphone or computer screen can result in low shoulders and a bad posture. Over time, these problems create muscle imbalances. Pilates instructors say about pilates helping to reverse the effects of these bad habits by creating a better muscle symmetry and balance. Pilates forces you to work with a specific muscle in each session, isolates the weak, regains the power you’ve lost and creates balance in the body. Strong core muscles allow you to do your daily work painlessly and freely with an improved posture.

It Offers Multiple Exercise Possibilities

Never put yourself at risk of excessive injury without changing your training program. Try adding a few pilates sessions to your exercise routine to make yourself stronger and avoid stress. Pilates instructors are saying that it help raise awareness of the body through challenging positions that require ideal postural alignment. Some of these exercises are forced to work in a static position, while others perform stability and adaptability during movement. In this way, it is possible to use all the muscles more efficiently by incorporating the muscles required to perform certain tasks on your body.

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