It is not exact known how comprehensive rosemary is a plant and how it is beneficial for body health. Our people use rosemary only as a spice in meals. Rosemary, a bushy plant, preserves its foliage in four seasons, meaning it does not shed its dark green leaves in winter. Rosemary is a perennial plant with pale blue flowers and needle-shaped leaves, native to the Mediterranean countries. In our country, it grows widely on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea, especially Tarsus. Recently, rosemary, which is often mentioned in slimming teas, is actually an important plant that adds flavor to all meals and even salads. Tannin has a rich nutrient content such as glycosides, organic acids and essential oils. Rosemary was also used in ancient times. People used this plant as incense and believed that the pleasant smells coming from the incense gave relief and kept evil spirits away from their homes. Boiling dried rosemary leaves and drinking them as herbal tea is good for many ailments. Rosemary tea is easy to prepare and can be consumed at any time of the day. It opens the mind and is good for fatigue. In addition, it helps to prevent indigestion, goiter, cardiovascular diseases, palpitations, rheumatism pain, migraine, fatigue and dizziness. Relieves shortness of breath, cleans blood and is good for insomnia. Rosemary is used and evaluated in many areas. For example, it is used in slimming programs and skin care treatments. It is very effective in melting fat and removing acne. It also help to rejuvenates the skin. Here are some benefits of rosemary.

It Helps to Lose Weight

If the fresh rosemary can be found, reduces appetite and keeps the person full. If you can’t find the fresh rosemary you can use dry rosemary. By making rosemary tea you can consume it on an empty stomach, so your appetite will be reduced. Also obtained from the leaves of rosemary, the gel formed by the crushing of the leaves by contributing to regional thinning is very effective in burning the fat in the waist and hip region. A miraculous effect of rosemary oil is the enemy of cellulite. Reduces the appearance of orange by destroying cellulite over time. With the 10 to 15 minutes effective massage we do in these areas, we use the rosemary oil that we take to destroy the cellulite. Rosemary provides both a smooth appearance and removal of unwanted fat tissues, making the skin look perfect and healthy.

It Has Benefits to Cancer

Rosemary contains cornosal which forms very strong anti cancer components. In the researches, it is a support treatment plant that is quite good for many types of cancer. Rosemary is good for many types of cancer with its miraculous effects in cancer diseases. These diseases have been observed and proven to be effective as supportive treatment in the treatment of diseases such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, lymphama, colon cancer. In many experiments, 76% of rosemary’s cancer-killing properties have been proven and have been started to be used abroad for a long time.

It Helps Strengthen Memory

It has long been known that rosemary strengthens human memory and many memory problems, including forgetfulness, are coming good. This feature of the rosemary 1500 years ago in medical books has been praised. In modern science, the benefits of rosemary have been proven once again, proving that rosemary is very effective in mental and nervous diseases. It has proven to be good for all dementia and all brain diseases caused by old age. Rosemary accelerates the memory and the ability to memorize and retrospective recording has been proven to strengthen the memory. People with forgetfulness and memory loss problems with the old norms were determined very clearly and today it is observed that rosemary mental health and Alzheimer’s treatments are successful.

It Has Benefit for Migraine

Rosemary has extraordinary effects on migraine. Migraine, which is one of the diseases that medicine has not been able to solve yet, proved that rosemary is good for migraine. If you take a pinch of rosemary and put it in a pot of boiling water and cover it with cloth and wait for 10 minutes in the steam of rosemary, you will see that you get rid of your migraine pains with regular applications. Congestion in the brain vessels, if any, causes them to open in many neurological problems other than migraine is good. However, it is not recommended for epilepsy patients. You also feel a sense of relaxation as it gives a sense of mental relaxation.

It Repairs the Digestive System

It eliminates digestive problems such as constipation, indigestion and spastic colon and celiac complaints. It protects the body from all kinds of poison entering the body and fights against satiated poisoning. It is effective in food poisoning. The whole digestive system is cleaned with a cup of rosemary tea. You should take care to consume rosemary tea regularly.

It Has Benefits for Asthma and Liver

It is certain that rosemary tea is a wonderful and useful mouthwash. Protects dental health and oral health. Prevents the formation of scale. Rosemary tea opens the airways and descends to the diaphragm. It removes the fogs in the lungs and lowers cholesterol because it burns the fats formed in the liver. Resolves inflammation of the sinusitis and treats wounds. Relieves pain and blockages caused by sinusitis. Since ancient times, it has been used effectively in the treatment of liver diseases. It removes toxic in the liver. It cleans the liver, stomach and respiratory tracts and repairs them with care. Treats the damage. Repairs and cleanses the damage caused by bad habits such as smoking or alcohol. Hepatitis b and its derivatives that may occur in the liver also have great effects on preventing cirrhosis.

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