Popular maintenance of recent times does not end with counting the benefits of dry brushing technique. If you haven’t met the dry brushing technique that will allow you to enter the summer with a smooth body, this article will inspire you. Dry brushing technique, which is an easy and effortless type of care, allows you to achieve visible results as a result of regular applications.

With this care that will take only 5 minutes, it is quite simple to make your skin look smooth and velvety. Moreover, this care, which will make you feel good, is quite inexpensive compared to other types of care. Many women apply dry brushing therapy. This is because they benefit a lot when they do it for just a few minutes every day.

Also, it is a very easy application for beauty and health. One of the most important steps to have a smooth skin is to detox your skin with dry brushes. These brushes, which allow your skin to breathe, purify from toxins and reach a smooth appearance, create a noticeable perfection on your skin when used regularly.

In addition, the massage you give to your body during the application helps you to relax your muscles that get stiff during the day and to get rid of the day’s stress. Another good feature is that it prevents the formation of cellulite and reduces the existing one. You can ask about how to do dry brushing to skin. You can ask about how to do dry brushing to skin. Here is the dry brushing stages.

Dry Brushing Stages

  1. Brush with straight and long strokes starting from your feet to your legs. It is generally recommended to brush every part of the skin 10 times. For lymph flow, always take care to brush towards the heart-chest area where the lymph system is located.
  2. Repeat the same process for the arms; Starting from your palms, brush your arms towards your shoulders and heart level and repeat this process 10 times.
  3. Brush the same way for your abdomen and back. You can use a softer brush for your face.

Important information: do not brush too hard; soft and slow strokes are always the best. Your skin may be slightly pink after brushing, but if rashes have occurred, you may need to consult a skin specialist immediately.

After your brushing is finished, take a shower and moisten your skin with natural oils or lotion.

It Helps Empty the Lymph Nodes

The lymphatic system is an important part of the body’s immune system. This system; It consists of organs, lymph nodes, and ducts and vessels that carry lymph to the body.

Most of these lymphatic vessels are located just under the skin, and regular skin brushing promotes normal lymph flow and helps the body purify itself from toxins naturally. Dry brushing helps empty your lymph nodes.

In other words, this helps you clear your body’s lymphatic system. This system is responsible for getting rid of accumulated toxins. This makes your skin look better. At the same time, you get rid of small poisonous particles that are the source of health problems. This strengthens your body’s natural defenses. As a result of regular use, you will see the difference.

It Removes Dead Cells

This benefit of dry brush usually begins to realize when the person first started dry brushing. The natural bristle brush on the skin during this process is a natural peeling for the skin and helps to remove the dead cells of the skin to a great extent.

In the first few days and weeks you start brushing dry, you will notice that your skin becomes much more soft and shiny. Dry brushing is one of the simplest and most natural ways for flaking and shedding dead cells on the skin.

In this way, your skin will have a smoother appearance than before. But doing this regularly is one of the biggest secrets of this business.

It Helps to Clean Pores

While dry brushes remove your dead cells from your skin, it also cleans the oil and dirt in your body, allowing your pores to open. The extra benefit of exfoliating the skin is to remove pores from oil and dirt residues.

If you do not have a special or more sensitive brush, it is not recommended to brush your face, but dry brushing helps to improve pores in the rest of the body.

Thus, your skin, which starts to breathe, starts to look extremely vibrant and healthy. Performing this process without interruption helps to make these effects last longer. In this way, your skin looks smoother and healthier than ever.

It Helps Cellulite Treatment

90 percent of women have voiculitis. Cellulite is also a condition that has become the fear of many women. Most of the lotions and devices on the market are very ineffective, but again money is spent. Many people can ask about how to do dry brushing for cellulite.

Instead, the advice of experts is to cut sugar and start the mediterranean diet. There are many people who claim that regular dry brushing greatly helps treat cellulite.

Although there is not much research on the effect of brushing on cellulite treatment, it gives the skin a great feeling and provides soft skin. However, this technique offers you an alternative solution.

Dry brush works on your skin with deep results. The lymphatic drain moves the normally accumulated substances and what makes cellulite more stubborn.

It Helps Prevent Crack Marks on Skin

Crack marks on the skin are associated with dehydration, lack of flexibility and skin regeneration. Applying the dry brush can prevent its cracking, which will increase the elasticity of your skin.

It can prevent any crack formation that may be related to gaining and losing weight. However, to ensure this, it is recommended that you apply dry brush regularly.

The most convenient time should be the morning hours. You can prevent stretch marks and promote skin cell growth. This can be done daily with a dry brush. Then, don’t forget to nourish your skin with healthy and natural moisturizers.

Moisturizer or oils to be applied on this dry brush will make your skin absorb more easily. As a result, you have bright healthy looking skin.

It Helps Improve Blood Circulation

Another benefit of dry brush massage is increased blood circulation. This application takes the form mentioned above. Brush it, starting with your feet. Always go in the direction of the heart. Thus, brush it from the neck to the chest.

If someone can brush your back, ask them to go from bottom to top. Once the massage is over, you will feel a pleasant tingling all over your body. This often gives a great sense of relaxation if you are having problems with heaviness or varicose veins.

Dry brushing of the skin really speeds up blood circulation, increasing circulation is very good for your general health. Impaired circulation weakens the immune system, causing cold symptoms in the hands and feet, swelling and numbness in the extremities, varicose veins or fatigue.

Avoid all of these with simple body brushing action. Dry brushing tends to energize people, so dry brushing at night is not recommended. According to one theory, the body’s energy level rises with increased blood circulation.

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