You can reach longer and thicker eyelashes by trying eyelash extension methods. Lashes are one of the most important accessories of our face. You can have a more beautiful look with eyelashes framing our eyes. If you are looking for eyelash extension methods and what you can do at home to lengthen eyelashes, here are eyelash extension methods. It is now very easy to have longer and thicker eyelashes by trying eyelash extension methods. With our lashes, which is one of the most important accessories of our face, we can give meaning to our gaze and get a more pleasant look. If you have tried all kinds of cosmetics sold outside and found that it does not work, you can try our recommendations below.

Long and sweet eyelashes are one of the most important features of a beautiful face. They frame their eyes and are very useful for giving a second meaning to your charming face. However, not everyone can have thick and long lashes. For this, we will talk about eyelash extension methods. There are many eye products on the market such as mascaras and artificial eyelashes to lengthen the eyelashes. These products can help you have long and thick lashes, but can make your lashes weak and brittle. Instead of using these products, you can have longer lashes by trying eyelash extension methods.

Apply the Mascara Correctly

Don’t let the girls with long eyelashes you see around surprise you. In fact, it is possible to lengthen your short lashes with mascara. Healthy eyelash growth can take a long time. If you urgently need to have your lashes long, you should first learn to apply your mascara correctly. Apply your mascara to the bottom of your lashes and proceed to the lash tip with gentle movements. Rotating the brush while applying your mascara will also help the mascara get in between your lashes equally. You should always apply two layers of mascara to make your lashes look longer. With this method, you will notice that your lashes will look longer than before.

Don’t Sleep without Cleaning your Mascara

If you have weak eyelashes, the number one reason may be sleeping without removing the mascara. The harm of sleeping without removing your makeup does not end with counting, but the biggest harm is that it actually spills our lashes. When you get up in the morning on days when you don’t clean your mascara, you will see a few lashes fall out. If you see more spilled eyelashes on make-up cotton when you start cleaning your makeup after many hours, now you know why. The right method is to clean your makeup with makeup cotton and eye makeup cleaning water as soon as you get home. In this way, you will ensure less damage to your lashes.

Try to Apply Vaseline Regularly

Thanks to Vaseline, you can have longer lashes in a few weeks. Dip your finger or an empty mascara brush into the vaseline. Then apply petroleum jelly evenly to your lashes. Be careful not to apply too much petroleum jelly to your lashes as it is heavy. Because excess product can cause your lashes to break. After washing your face and wiping your makeup every night, you can apply petroleum jelly to your lashes. You shouldn’t forget to regularly apply vaseline every day. You will notice that your lashes have become lush over time.

Apply Almond Oil

The most popular among natural eyelash extension methods is almond oil. You should apply organic almond oil to your lashes every night. When you do this procedure regularly, you will see that your lashes grow stronger. You should not use eyelash curler to prevent your eyelashes from falling out. This tool, which helps your lashes to look more curled, causes the lashes to breakage. Almond oil will recover the eyelashes in a short time and make the eyelashes stronger. You can apply it every night with a clean mascara brush before going to bed. In this way, you will see that your lashes have become lush over time.

Apply Olive Oil

You can apply olive oil to your lashes to make your lashes shiny and long. Thanks to the oil, your lashes will grow easier and look flawless. After keeping olive oil in your eyelashes for an average of 5 minutes, you should wash your eyes with warm water. When making an olive oil mask, you should be careful that the oil you use is organic. After applying this mask for 4 weeks, you will see a visible elongation in your lashes. To continue this effect, you should continue applying olive oil.

Apply Castor Oil

The use of castor oil is extremely safe, as it does not contain toxic substances. People with short, thin and fragile lashes can use castor oil with peace of mind. You need to apply castor oil just before going to sleep at night and castor oil should penetrate your eyelash while you sleep. To apply castor oil to your eyelashes, you will need a clean mascara and a swab. Wash and dry your entire face and eye area before you start. Dip the mascara into castor oil and let the excessive drip when you remove it. Start driving from the inside of your eye. Apply it to make sure your lashes are completely covered. Complete both of your lashes by applying this way. If there is a leak or spill in the eye area, you can immediately intervene with the ear cleaning stick. After completing the procedure, you can sleep. Don’t forget to clean your eyelashes when you wake up. Especially do not apply makeup without cleaning your eyelashes. Continue this process daily and you can start getting the results you want from 2 weeks.


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