In our daily life, especially women take care to look fit and not gain weight. Gaining excess weight is a situation that most people do not like and looks unpleasant. In order for a normal person to stay at the ideal weight, he needs to get food as much as the energy he consumes daily. If a person wants to lose weight, they need to take less food than the energy they spend. But if a person consumes more food than the energy they spend, they come back to their body as fat. If this continues for a long time, obesity may occur in the future.

The carbohydrates we take in our body are stored as glycogen in our body. Continuous excess carbohydrates are stored in our body by turning into fat. If you see that you are starting to gain weight, consuming excess food can be a reason. However, if there is not much food intake, many more reasons may affect your weight gain.

There are many different reasons for gaining weight while controlling calories and being physically active. Although gaining weight seems like a simple calorie balance, it is a complex process that is influenced by many factors. In this complex process, the side factors that we never think about can confuse things even more. If you have gained weight when you did not expect it, there may be some other reasons. What are the factors that cause you to gain weight? Now we will tell you what other factors are.

Weight Gain Due To Hormone Disorders

Some hormone disorders are an important reason for gaining weight. Whether these hormone diseases are present in an overweight person should be investigated. There are some hormones that can cause weight gain. Hormone diseases in which weight gain is common are high insulin, thyroid gland failure, or excessive work of the adrenal gland.

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland in our neck and secretes thyroid hormones that control our metabolism. There are two types of thyroid hormones, T3 and T4. When these hormones are secreted less, the disease we call hypothyroidism occurs, metabolism works less and finally weight is gained. Thyroid insufficiency develops in those who undergo thyroid surgery, in those with thyroid disease called Hashimoto thyroiditis, and in most women after 50 years of age. These people experience weakness, fatigue, swelling of the hands and face, forgetfulness, elevation in blood fats, and most importantly, weight gain. In overweight people, thyroid hormone tests should be performed to check if the thyroid gland is working poorly. It is very difficult to lose weight in people who are overweight without thyroid gland failure being treated. In these patients, TSH hormone level should be within normal limits with thyroid hormone therapy.

Low blood sugar, which we call reactive hypoglycemia, is one of the important reasons for weight gain and inability to lose weight. In these people, blood sugar drops after the meal and a desire to eat dessert occurs afterwards. For this reason, sweet snacks cause weight gain. In the disease called insulin resistance, which is manifested by excessive insulin hormone secretion from the pancreatic gland, the high amount of insulin hormone in the blood contributes to weight gain by decreasing blood sugar. For this reason, these high insulin levels should be reduced in order to weaken. Certain medications, weight loss and sports contribute to weight loss by reducing the hormone insulin.

In the event that the adrenal gland is overworked, an excess of this hormone is produced from the hormone. The excess of cortisol hormone causes fat accumulation and overweight in the body, especially in the abdomen and nape. The cortisone drug used in the treatment of some diseases causes weight gain with the same mechanism.

An important hormone disease that causes overweight in women is a disease called polycystic ovary syndrome, which is manifested by cyst formation in the ovary, hairiness and menstrual disorder. The most important finding in this disease is insulin hormone height or insulin resistance. For this reason, a significant proportion of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome have excess weight and diabetes. In these patients with menstrual disorders, hairiness and being overweight, ovaries should be examined and treatments for this disease should be performed.

Women who are not treated in this way are difficult to weaken.
The secretion of prolactin hormone, known as milk secreting hormone in women, is also a hormone disorder that causes weight gain. The hormone prolactin is secreted from the pituitary gland in our brain. When tumors in the pituitary gland secrete excessive prolactin hormone, menstrual disruption, milk from the breast, hair growth and weight gain occur.
Scientific studies have shown that it is difficult to weaken people with low calcium levels. Therefore, a person who wants to lose weight should get enough calcium.

Stress can Cause Weight Gain

The society we live in today wants more from us. We want us to do more and achieve more. Therefore, after all, we live under constant stress. Too much stress causes biochemical reactions in our body and therefore our body goes into survival mode. This slows down our metabolic rate and causes us to release chemicals like cortisol, leptin and other hormones. These chemicals cause lubrication and obesity especially around the abdomen.

While under stress, some people use food as a stress reliever. They usually turn to foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates, and this causes the release of a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin calms you. But as we all know, starchy foods also lead to overweight. Relaxation techniques and exercises are a better way to reduce fat as well as stress.

Medications Can Cause Weight Gain

Generally, depressed people experience mood disorders due to seizures, migraine, blood pressure, diabetes, and mostly adhere to treatment with prescription medications. They are somewhat aware that consuming even a small amount of drugs every month can cause weight gain. Sometimes hormone replacement therapies and oral contraceptive use can also cause weight gain because, as some doctors point out, the way each drug works is different from others.

One of them can increase your appetite or change the way fat is stored in your body or change the level of insulin. Using anti-depressant pills does not lead directly to weight gain, but the pills are expected to put you in a joyful mood, and people tend to eat more, as the good mood generally leads to appetite. According to some experts, there are drugs can lead to unexplained weight gain: steroids, antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-seizure medications, diabetes medications, high blood pressure medications, heartburn medicines.

If you think that prescription medications may cause you to gain weight, ask your doctor for advice, but do not stop taking the medication you are taking without their advice. Otherwise some other harmful consequences may occur.

Menopause May Cause Weight Gain

When a woman reaches the stage of menopause with an increase in her age, the rate of metabolism also naturally slows down. In addition, hormonal changes in the body during this period; causes an appetite, depression or sleep disturbance that eventually leads to weight gain. Experts say that when a woman reaches this stage of menopause, the reduction of estrogen, which also causes a change in the shape of her body, begins.

They start to gain weight from the middle parts of the body. Estrogen provides the storage of fat in the lower parts of the body. However, when you lose this hormone, the fat is stored in the middle part of your body. This excess fat zone in the middle is also called ‘menopot’. To prevent this, you should have a healthy diet rich in daily exercise, calcium and vitamin D.

If you still gain weight for no reason despite exercising and following a healthy diet, the above reasons may be the reason behind it. Do not worry. Consult your doctor, he will definitely help you get out of this situation.

Insomnia can Cause Weight Gain

Hormones that promote the growth of cells in the body are secreted in relation to light and darkness. For this, the principle of sleeping and getting up on time is vital. Care should be taken to ensure complete darkness in the sleeping environment. Of course, you will think that can insomnia makes you gain weight?

As the eating behavior changes, the energy storage and use equation in all cells also deteriorates. Staying awake at night brings snacks and additional calories, thus facilitating weight gain. You will probably remember from school books, our body needs at least 8 hours of sleep per day. Our body can work properly only if it is at rest.

If you cannot get 8 hours of regular sleep, then your body will experience physiological stress as more fat is stored in your body. In addition, sometimes you can not cope with stress and sleep unconsciously and start night snacks with the thought that it will help you sleep. But all you do is gain weight.

Eating Food Fast can Cause Your Gain Weight

Habits such as environments that have to be found due to the social environment, not drink water, lack of meals, not stopping while eating while watching TV, and eating fast food are among the reasons for gaining weight. Fast food habit should be changed. Hormones secreted in relation to taste receptors in the mouth affect our digestion and saturation center and change our eating behavior.

When eating fast food, insulin is released quickly, leading to drop in blood sugar and repeated food demand during the hours following the meal, making it easier to gain weight. The problem is that it eats very fast than fast food. Dishes should be eaten slowly and very chewed.

You can define yourself a certain time and pay attention to your chewing time during this time. In this way, you will eat more slowly. At the same time, you should be careful not to eat fast food style products. Instead, you can make delicious healthy food in your own home.

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