It is possible to strengthen the immune system and protect against diseases with a healthy and balanced diet. Into the nutrition plan; Placement of foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, beneficial herbal ingredients can bring certain health benefits. There are many valuable plant foods that grow in the soil of our country and provide protection against many diseases. One of them is sumac. Sumac, which is often used in cooking in the eastern and southeastern regions, is a useful as well as delicious food. Sumac plant grown in sumac tree can be consumed in the form of grain or in powder form, next to dishes and salads or in the form of tea. Adding this beneficial food to the daily diet is recommended for the protection of health.

Sumac; It is a kind of spice obtained from the fruits of the Rhus plant, also called sumac tree. This plant, which has a red color and a spherical shape, has a sour taste. The plant, also known as sumac tree, has the appearance of a bush. After being collected from the tree, sumac, which is dried with the help of appropriate techniques, is often mixed with salt and powdered and used in the form of spices.

However, in some cultures, especially in the eastern and southeastern provinces, in order to give sour taste to the dishes, the sour-flavored water obtained by keeping the sumac in hot water is used in the dishes. Sumac, which is widely used in onion salads due to its odor-reducing effect, is frequently included in all kinds of salads and some dishes and appetizers. In addition to giving the dishes a unique flavor, sumac is a very useful spice for health.

It is one of the types of food that should be a part of a healthy diet due to its many positive effects on health, especially its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Sumac, which is a widely known and used spice type in our country and in the Middle East, has not been known much in western culture, but has been gradually used as a result of the benefits determined as a result of scientific research. Here are some benefits of the sumac plant.

It is a Necessary Antioxidant

Sumac is a much stronger antioxidant than many commonly used spice types known for years with its antioxidant properties. In this way, it reduces the free radicals circulating in the body and reduces the level of oxidative stress.

Thanks to this positive effect it causes, it prevents the cells from turning into cancer and provides a protective effect against all types of cancer. Also, thanks to its antioxidant effect, it significantly reduces the possibility of catching many chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

It is a plant that you must keep in your home because of all the antioxidant benefits it provides.

It Regulates Blood Sugar

Some scientific researches show that regular sumac consumption protects against many chronic diseases or supports treatment. One of them is diabetes.

Looking at scientific research, it can be seen that suction aid helps to regulate blood sugar and also reduces the problems caused by type 2 diabetes by decreasing blood cholesterol levels.

Many complications in patients with type 2 diabetes develop due to prolonged high blood sugar levels. Therefore, in addition to the current treatment, it becomes possible to minimize all these complications with the regulating effect of sumac consumption. But for this you need to consume sumac plant regularly.

It has Anti -Inflammatory Properties

Sumac, which has anti-inflammatory properties, increases the ability to fight infectious diseases that can be seen in the body, especially flu and colds.

It helps to reduce fever and provides a mild survival of infectious diseases. The abundant presence of vitamin C in sumac, which strengthens the immune system, also supports this struggle.

Sumac is also very effective in reducing pain caused by various diseases.

It Protects Against Infections

It has been supported by scientific studies that suma contributes to the removal of infectious diseases by showing antifungal and antibacterial effects.

It is known to help alleviate infections caused by common infectious diseases such as Salmonella Typhimurium and Aspergillus Flavus and to alleviate the complications caused by these infections.

In addition, the consumption of tea in the form of infectious diseases in the respiratory tract, especially in the throat region, helps to prevent the negative effects such as sore throat and cough caused by the disease.

It Protects Against Coronary Artery Diseases

High cholesterol and triglyceride levels cause cholesterol to accumulate in the vessel walls to form atheroma plaques. This is one of the most important causes of coronary artery diseases and long-term heart attack.

Sumac helps to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood and helps protect against coronary artery diseases. It is also very effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases due to its positive effects on vascular health and regulation of blood circulation.

It Is Important For Women’s Health

Considering the scientific studies, it was seen that sumac consumption reduced menstrual pains in women.

It is known that sumac consumption helps to eliminate these negativities especially in women who have a problem called dysmenorrhea and who have painful menstruation. Women who have this problem may choose to consume the suma in a menstrual period with a spice dish, mixing it with yogurt or preparing it as sumac tea.

In addition, it is known that sumac consumption in breastfeeding mothers has an increasing effect on breast milk. However, it is beneficial for mothers who are breastfeeding to consult their physicians about sumac consumption.

It Has Diuretic Effect

Sumac is a powerful diuretic. This means that it has a diuretic effect on the body. Thanks to this effect it causes, sumac helps to protect against urinary tract infections while lowering high blood pressure.

Sumac, which also supports the excretion of toxic substances accumulated in the body, should be consumed regularly in order to benefit from these benefits. It is impossible to ignore all its benefits. It is a healthy plant that everyone should consume regularly.

How should sumac plant be consumed?

Sumac is a type of spice that is very common in our country. Uses are usually salads. In addition, sumac juice can be used to give sour taste in okra dish or sour dolma. Sumac tea is another method of consumption for people who want to consume sumac in large quantities due to the above-mentioned benefits.

Sumac tea is a very useful herbal supportive treatment option especially for individuals who suffer from chronic pharyngitis, sore throat, sputum or dry cough. For making sumac tea, a teaspoon of sumac spice, which is taken from packaged or reliable transfer, can be boiled in a pot by putting a tea glass in water.

It is ready to be consumed after boiling for about five minutes. In addition to all these, as with all plants, excess of suction can bring some side effects. Physicians should be consulted before starting regular sumac consumption, especially in people who have chronic diseases and who use drugs constantly. In addition, pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their physicians before starting sumac consumption daily as a dietary supplement.

There is no harm in healthy individuals using sumac in their meals and salads. People who have a disease or who use medication can start consuming this plant if their physician does not see any drawbacks. If you want to take advantage of the benefits mentioned above, you can include it in your daily diet and lead a healthy life.

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