With the coronavirus, which affects the world, the importance of epidemic diseases has emerged once. According to the experts statements, the people with high immunity among the people who have epidemic diseases survive the disease slightly compared to the low ones.

Upon these evaluations, many people started to search for natural mixtures that strengthen the immune system, the strongest immune-boosting herbal teas and supplements that strengthen the immune system at home.

In order to be protected from these diseases or to regain our health in a short time, we should seek healing in natural foods. Herbal teas also benefit us with their natural ingredients. However, since herbal teas can cause harm in some diseases instead of benefit, we should consume these teas consciously and in moderation, and in some cases not at all. Here are some teas to help strengthen your immune system.

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Ginger Tea

Ginger is a natural source of healing in complaints such as colds and fever. It helps balance blood sugar, remove edema, lower bad cholesterol (LDL), and reduce stomach cramps. You can try to consume it with fresh ginger crust cinnamon, orange peel and cloves.

Ginger helps remove viruses and toxins from the body in a natural way with healthy sweating, which is also useful during colds and flu. It helps to reduce all symptoms that accompany colds such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting and cold sweating.

Our body actually fights diseases naturally. For example, our sweat glands are manufacturers of dermcidin, an antimicrobial agent that fights diseases. Dermcidin is produced in the sweat glands of the body, released into sweat and carried to the surface of the skin. Here it protects against invading microorganisms with bacteria and fungi, a common cause of skin infections. Ginger warms the body and this increases production and supports the immune system.

Caution should be exercised as high consumption of ginger will cause bleeding in psoriasis or gallbladder disease. There are also many studies that ginger consumption affects the development of the baby in the womb. Since ginger interacts with medicines used by people with coagulation disorders, it interferes with the function of the drugs, so if you are using more than one drug at the same time, be sure to consult your doctor or dietitian about ginger consumption.

Linden Tea

Linden may be consumed to help medical treatments against the common cold in winter. Mixing tea prepared from linden, which doctors describe as a natural medicine, with honey enhances its effect. Linden, which helps increase body resistance, also makes it easier to cope with colds and flu.

It is possible to solve the cough problem, which is one of the most important symptoms of the common cold, by consuming linden tea without overdoing it. Linden tea, which supports the efforts to remove cough-causing bacteria from the body, provides relief of irritation in the respiratory tract due to cough.

Linden tea, which strengthens metabolism and increases body resistance, thereby speeds up blood circulation. People who regularly consume linden tea do not get too cold in the winter months.

Linden tea, a breath opening herbal tea, provides the bronchi to soften. It removes irritation in the respiratory tract thanks to the same feature. For this reason, patients who have chronic allergy problems are recommended to consume linden tea at times when their symptoms get worse.

Linden tea ensures that the germs that cause diseases are removed from the body through sweating. Mixing linden tea with hot pepper increases the severity of sweating.

Sage Tea

Sage is a plant used mostly in autumn and winter with its immune system supplement. In the garden, which was said to be a cure even to death in ancient times, there is almost no cultivation of sage. Sage, which has a bitter and peeled smell, has been used not only for diseases, but also to give some dishes fragrance and flavor.

Sage; It contains a natural antibiotic feature thanks to its compositions and cineol, which is an effective oil, and it acts as a true protective against tonsillitis and throat infections and is good for cough. Brew a teaspoon of fresh sage in about a glass of water for 10 minutes with the mouth closed. After the brewing period is completed, do not leave the plant in its more water, make sure to strain it.

You can gargle two or three times a day. You can store your prepared mouthwash in a closed cupboard without spoiling for two days. You can also drink one tea glass of sage daily for no more than a month.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume because people with stomach and duodenal ulcers, hepatitis and acute gastritis contain certain substances that increase the risk of miscarriage. Epilepsy patients should also avoid consuming sage, as excess sage use has been proven to be toxic to the brain.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is prepared from dried flowers and is a popular beverage worldwide, full of both health and skin benefits that are hard to find in many other teas. It is known to increase immunity and reduce stress.

Apigenin, one of the active ingredients of chamomile tea, helps to relax during the menstrual period. It provides benefit against stomach ulcers with the alpha-bisabolol and desirable substances it contains. It is one of the natural helpers in the healthy functioning of liver metabolism and in the cleansing of the body from toxins. A glass of chamomile tea that you can brew and drink every day relaxes you, while starting three days before your period increases your effectiveness.

Tea, which you will consume during the seasonal transitions, helps to strengthen the immune system and helps you protect against diseases.While chamomile tea can cause some allergic reactions, do not use with such medicines, as they may interact with blood-thinning medications.

Always consult your doctor or dietitian before consuming during pregnancy and lactation. Again, since there are not enough studies on what kind of side effects it causes in children, children and babies should not consume.

Cherry Stalk Tea

Cherry stalk tea; Thanks to its unique chemical structure and excellent biochemistry, it makes its active ingredients stronger when used for therapeutic purposes. Cherry helps to dilute the blood while ensuring the excretion of water from the body without negatively affecting our salt balance.

A handful of cherries that you consume in the morning on an empty stomach are good fighters against the negative effects of bad cholesterol (LDL), and can be effective in lowering and balancing triglyceride and cholesterol. Both against toxins and circulatory disorders. Also it halps immune system. Generally in the winter time people’s immne system break down. So people should take care of drinking that tea. Put a handful of cherry stalks in a liter of boiling water and boil on low heat for 7 minutes with the mouth closed.

After the boiling time is complete, strain it without waiting for it to cool and fill it in a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. You can drink only one glass a day half an hour before meals or two hours after meals. After applying for a week, take a break for three days, reapply the next week and end the cycle. Do not use the increased amount after three days. Never wash the cherry stems in hot water, you can use cold water.

Conditions that cherry stalk tea should not be consumed; it should not be consumed continuously thanks to its blood thinning and edematous effect. Children, pregnant women and lactating people should not consume the cherry stalk tea. In breastfeeding mothers, it may cause the taste of milk to change or the baby to be slightly affected.

Green Tea

Green tea, which has been used for centuries, with its pleasant smell and flavor as well as its endless benefits. One of the most preferred drinks in our country in recent years. Delicious alternative to hot and cold tea and coffee in summer, healing store green tea is a great choice in winter.

You have a very valid reason to prefer green tea, which is frequently preferred with its antioxidant and detox effects, in cold weather. its immune boosting effect.

Helping to control weight, regulate blood sugar, strengthen brain functions and metabolism, green tea, antioxidant source, helps to protect the body against many diseases while strengthening the immune system thanks to its polyphenols. Although there are drugs or supplements that provide all these effects; green tea is a long-term and sustainable and natural support.

Excessive consumption of green tea; Since it is very dangerous especially for pregnant women, it should not be consumed without consulting a doctor.

In addition, if green tea is consumed excessively; Excessive fluid excretion from the body may occur and this may affect calcium excretion in the following processes and may lead to bone diseases such as osteoporosis. It is inconvenient for people with high blood pressure to consume green tea because it can increase the effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs.

Apricot Tea

Apricot tea is one of the herbal teas that accelerates metabolism and is good for intestinal laziness. Apricot, one of the fiber fruits, shows protective properties against diseases. It accelerates the blood flow with its antioxidant effect and provides cell renewal. Apricot tea is usually herbal tea that should be consumed and used once or twice a day.

The most important effect of apricot tea is that it reduces digestive problems. The immune system and digestive system work together, and one may be affected when the other is disrupted. Therefore, 1 cup of apricot tea, which you will consume in 1 to 2 days, helps to troubleshoot your intestinal problems.

When used regularly, it cures diseases and is good for skin and eye health. Apricot tea supports bone health. Apricot teas, which contain all the minerals necessary for healthy bone development, provide bone development and growth. Bone melting and helps to prevent discomfort.


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