When it comes to sugar, almost everybody comes to mind the table sugar we have. However, there are sugar in many foods that we consume from chocolate to snack biscuits, from breakfast cereals to fruits. So actually, too much sugar enters our body almost every day. For example, bananas, apples, grapes, watermelons, melons contain considerable sugar. Even if it is not sweet, there is sugar in bread and pilaf that we eat with pleasure. Even lemon has 1% sugar. When excess sugar is consumed, it directly into the blood, sugar returns to our body as fat and excess weight. Excess sugar consumption leads to liver fattening and digestive disorders in time. In addition, according to researches, excess sugar causes attention deficit and concentration disorder. Excessive sugar consumption also harms metobolism.

Digestion of sugar and starch stimulates the pancreas, causing the hormone ‘insulin’ to be secreted. When the pancreas releases insulin constantly, it becomes unresponsive after a while, which causes diabetes. Even though you are eating pastries one by one, drinking cola and not saying no and , it does not mean that you will remain like this. Diabetes is called a silent killer, and this is because it appears suddenly with no symptoms. One of the biggest causes of obesity is diabetes. Obesity, that is, overweight, is caused by excessive fat storage and weight gain. It is beneficial not to consume excess sugar in order not to cause diabetes and fat storage in our body and obesity.

Stop Adding Sugar in your Drinks

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We know that it is very difficult to remove sugar completely from your life, but you can start by not adding sugar to the drinks first. If you consume an average of 5 cups of tea and coffee per day, you will get 10 cubes of sugar, or about 40 grams of sugar. Do not try to quit suddenly. Reduce the sugar you throw in drinks day by day. Even after stopping for 1-2 weeks, your stomach can become queasiness when you drink sweetened tea. At the same time, when you drink sugar-free, you will start to enjoy drinks such as tea and coffee better. You can even start to think about why you haven’t consumed sugar free until now.

Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

Replacing normal sugar with artificial sweeteners is not recommended for those who want to get rid of sugar addiction. Because replacing sugar with sweeteners is the same as replacing cigarettes with cigars because the person still has that sweet taste. As a result, he can never stay away from sugar. To achieve this, it is necessary to stay away from everything connected with sugar. It will become a habit after a while. At the end of the research, it was observed that many people using sweeteners returned to sugar. So you should try to stay away from sugar types as much as possible.

Don’t Start the Day without Breakfast


It is very important to have breakfast in the morning to keep blood sugar within normal limits throughout the day and to minimize the need for sugar. The blood sugar level is low all night and rises to normal values ​​with breakfast. Therefore, a breakfast rich in protein, especially cheese and eggs, is a must-have meal for the regulation of your body’s low blood sugar and suppression of starvation during the night. You can have a nice breakfast meal by eating healthy foods and avoiding sugary foods.

Don’t Skip Lunch

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Eating frequently and little by little during the day is very important to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits and not to attack sugar. when you don’t eat long time period in a day causes blood sugar level do decrease and because of that yu will want to eat sugary foods. Especially skipped lunch causes open your appetite to sugary foods in the afternoon. Snacking something in 2.5-3 hours balances blood sugar and reduces the desire to eat sugar. In this way, you will reduce your desire for sugary foods. At the same time, if you wish, you can eliminate your desire for dessert by placing snacks between the main meals.

Eat the Fruit Right

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The juices of the fruits contain high levels of sugar. So choose the fruit itself, as it has pulp. But do not consume fruits alone, especially in snacks, because the sugar in the fruit causes your blood sugar to suddenly rise and fall, making you feel hungry again. Therefore, consuming it with yogurt or milk, which is a source of protein, or oilseeds such as almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts, helps you balance your blood sugar.

Suppress your Sweet Need with Healthy Alternatives

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Studies show that instead of milk or white chocolate, dark chocolate with 70-80 percent cocoa helps to significantly reduce your sugar needs. Instead of ready-made or packaged ice cream, passing milk, ice, banana or other fruits through the mixer or eating light ice cream are also good alternatives. Prefer fresh or dried fruits instead of foods such as honey, jam and marmalade. Hurma is a healthy alternative that will minimize your sugar needs. You can make healthy recipes by bringing these types of fruits together and consume them during your snacks during the day. In this way, you will both stay away from sugar and have a healthy eating routine.

Have a Good Sleep Pattern

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Sleeping less causes you to overtake carbohydrates. In a study, it is seen that the hunger hormones of university students who sleep only 2 hours less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep increase. When not getting enough sleep, the body wants more energy, so it turns to sugar. As a result, you need to consume excessive and unhealthy sugary foods. Sleeping is the best defense against overeating habits. So set yourself regular sleep times and follow this pattern every day.

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