Our hair is our most valuable asset that makes us who we are. The most important accessories that allow us to reveal our personality and ensure that we are always at the forefront. While our hair is so important, your hair loss and wear will put you in an extremely bad position.

Decreased hair will always look sparse and neglected. In order not to allow such situations, you should do your best to make your hair lush. Generally, herbal products and treatments will be much more useful. Just as the complementary products of our body are dressed, the hair that has assumed the role of being a complement to your beauty is being worn out and shedding begins, especially thanks to the straightening tongs or hair styling products that have been used frequently by young people recently.

Thus, the weakened hair becomes lifeless and the hairstyles you make do not suit either. Hair loss has become one of the most important situations for both men and women. In people who have such problems, your hair does not take shape as easily as before, nor can you make every model.

Hair loss problem; environmental factors differ according to genetics, psychological factors, nutrition, lifestyle and health problems. Hair loss 50-100 wire loss per day is considered normal. First of all, you should investigate the reason of your hair loss, this is very important for you, if you have a disease or vitamin deficiency, it can be reinforced, so if you know the reason, you will take precautions accordingly.

Now you will find answers to questions such as what are hair growth methods and how hair grows naturally.

Why does the Hair Fall Out?

In some cases, we see that our hair is shedding excessively and quickly. This situation can become quite annoying. Various problems such as climate changes, intense stress, diseases, FE (iron) deficiency, and hormonal disorders lead to hair loss and wear.

Problems such as frequent hair dyes, frequent blow dry, poor quality shampoos, skin problems, malnutrition also cause hair to wear out and shed quickly. This can even lead to problems like psychological and depression.

Dead Nettle

Nettle is known as a miracle plant for hair thanks to its ingredients. Nettle herbal shampoos and creams are available in the market. But we will naturally do hair growth with nettle. As you use nettle, which has been scientifically proven to affect hair, you will be amazed at the incredible change in your hair.

Stinging nettle will help make hair look fuller, make hair look shiny and make hair strands thicker. Now let’s tell you how to prepare the hair curing cure with nettle;

Ingredients: Nettle and water

Preparation: Pour a few pinches of nettle into boiling water. Soak the nettle in the water for about 10-15 minutes, as if brewing tea and let it brew. Then strain the water and wait for it to warm. Wash your hair after getting wet. Allow it to dry for about 45 minutes -1 hour after rinsing after washing. Then wash your hair with warm water. You will see the difference.

Egg and Olive Oil

Eggs are one of the most powerful sources of protein. If you consume the egg, you will do a good job for your physical health. The egg, which is beneficial for the development of muscles and bones, will also be effective for your hair strands.

At the same time, olive oil that you will use with egg will help repair your hair. Apply the mixture of eggs and olive oil to your hair and wait 30 minutes. Then wash it with shampoo. But make sure to apply the shampoo to your hair before it touches the water.

Otherwise, it will be very difficult to remove olive oil from your hair. Apply this mask to your hair every week and try to give weekly protein support to your hair. After a while your hair will get stronger and shedding problem will disappear. With this mask, you can forget about fine hair and have bushy hair.


Garlic is one of the most natural antibiotics from the past to the present. Garlic, known for its healing and benefits, grows in almost many provinces of our country. The benefits of garlic, which is a remedy for important diseases such as heart health and vascular occlusion, not only with this, but also provides magnificent effects in different areas.

Garlic, which is not preferred by many because of its smell, adds a different flavor to the dishes. Vitamins and minerals in garlic play an important role in hair health. For example, when garlic, which contains plenty of calcium, is applied to hair, it helps hair growth.

Garlic is extremely rich in sulfur, which is very useful for hair health. Sulfur is a structural part of many proteins, including keratin, which are essential for hair production. Selenium in garlic works with vitamin E to improve hair health.

Selenium vitamin increases the power of vitamin E in the body by fighting against free radicals that damage cells. People with low vitamin E generally experience hair loss, dry hair and dullness. With Garlic, you can solve all these problems in a short time.

Garlic is a good source of vitamin C, B-6 and B-1 (thiamine), which are important for hair health. Vitamin C protects hair from breaks and helps increase collagen production. Vitamin B-6 deficiency causes hair to fall off.

You can see garlic shampoos in pharmacies, markets or cosmetics stores. If you have not found garlic shampoos, you can prepare your own shampoo by adding garlic juice or extract to your daily shampoo. Another option is to use garlic directly on your scalp.

Squeeze 3-4 cloves of garlic into your scalp in areas where your hair is lost or weakened and leave for about 1 hour. Then massage the same area with olive oil and leave overnight by wearing a bone or wrapping a towel. When you get up in the morning, you can wash your hair with a normal shampoo.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is obtained from almond seeds by cold press method. It is a very rich oil in terms of vitamin E. It also contains vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. It is divided into two categories as bitter and sweet almond oil.

The oil used for cosmetic purposes, ie skin and hair care applications, is sweet almond oil. Besides being rich in vitamin E, another important feature is that it contains a lot of protein. Almond oil is very easy to use and the protein it contains is very effective in hair care.

You can use almond oil for hair care with your own cures at home. You can apply it by massaging your clean scalp or adding a teaspoon to your conditioner in each bathroom. The biggest benefit of application by adding to creams and shampoos is that it reduces the effect of harmful substances in the conditioner and shampoos.

Almond oil is easier to use than other hair care oils. Because even almond oil alone is enough for hair.

If you say how to apply almond oil to the hair, simply apply almond oil to your slightly damp hair, feed it all over your hair and massage your scalp. After waiting 40 minutes in your hair, rinse your hair.
For care without rinsing with almond oil, apply some almond oil to your clean hair ends after taking a shower. And let your hair dry.

Almond oil is the best method for how to apply to the hair. It helps to protect your hair and prevent the formation of fractures. To eliminate dandruff problem, massage almond oil on your scalp again and rinse after 30 minutes.

Castor Oil

Thanks to the omega 6 and vitamin E it contains, castor oil strengthens the hair follicles and ensures healthy hair growth. It thickens the hair strands and thus prevents fraying. It moisturizes the scalp and thus prevents problems such as dandruff, which increases hair loss. This is why Indian women are famous for their healthy and long hair.

Castor oil is an oil that can be easily found in herbal transfers, it is very simple to apply. Castor oil can be applied directly to the scalp in use for hair, or a treatment cycle can be prepared by mixing it with other care oils.

Massage 2 tablespoons of castor oil with fingertips and apply to the entire scalp. If possible, it is important to make this application before going to bed in the evening and make it wait until morning effect. In the morning, you can wash and purify with natural shampoo.

Instead of applying only castor oil you can add 2 tablespoons of almond oil into 2 tablespoons of castor oil and mix. Apply this mixture on all of your hair, from your scalp to your hair tips, wait for 1 hour, then wash. With the nourishing and structuring effect of almond oil, it will be provided to prevent hair loss and to care for your hair. Do not forget to apply once a week.

Coconut Oil

Even coconut contains vitamins C, A and K is a reason for us to use in hair care! Vitamin C revitalizes hair, provides moisture to the hair with vitamin A, and also protects with vitamin K.
With these ingredients, coconut provides the food that needs hair. For this reason, it is very important to use coconut in hair care, especially for hair that tends to dry, and has lost its vitality.

Of course, there are also those who have normal hair and want to keep their hair alive. With the nutritious content of coconut oil, you can protect your hair’s moisture balance and prevent dryness. So you can support your hair to always look healthy and well-groomed.

Natural, cold-pressed coconut oil mainly forms medium-chain triglycerides. Triglycerides (TCL) can easily penetrate the scalp and perform their effects directly thanks to their special molecular structures. Medium chain fatty acids provide efficient supply of nutrients in the hair follicles and provide moisture to the scalp. In this way, it eliminates many problems that cause hair loss by feeding your hair from the roots.

Coconut oil contains Lauric acid and also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties against fungal diseases and psoriasis that cause hair loss. Thus, fungal diseases of your scalp are prevented, including hereditary stress and hormonal fluctuations, as well as the wrong diet, among the main causes of hair loss. Coconut oil can be seamlessly incorporated into the daily diet and should be used both internally and externally for hair loss.

Coconut oil makes your hair thicker and makes your hair look brighter in time. You should be careful to use it once a week.


Yogurt is a wonderful food consisting of vitamins A, B12, B16, C, D and minerals such as Protein, Sodium, Carbohydrate, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron. The benefits of yogurt to hair do not end with counting, strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss, is a natural solution to dandruff.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons. One reason for hair loss is the malnutrition of the hair follicles. Experts report that yogurt feeds hair follicles and prevents hair loss thanks to its vitamin B5 and D content.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons. One reason for hair loss is the malnutrition of the hair follicles. Experts report that yogurt feeds hair follicles and prevents hair loss thanks to its vitamin B5 and D content. To prepare a mask that prevents hair loss with yogurt, mix half a glass of yogurt with 3 tablespoons of blender or fenugreek seeds that you have completely powdered and apply to the hair and scalp. Wait 1 hour, wash, shampoo, then rinse.


Apart from being a fragrant spice, cloves are also beneficial for health with their vitamins and minerals. Hair care with cloves is good for many hair problems. If you have problems such as scalp problems, hair loss, fast hair growth, you can apply clove juice hair curing.

The clove obtained from the flower buds of the clove tree has been used for centuries with its unique aroma and bad breath and toothache. With its strong aroma, it finds use in medicine as well as meals. Since ancient times, it owes its place in the treatment of certain diseases, rich in vitamins A, E and B6, as well as a depot of calcium, potassium, sodium and manganese. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are abundant, contain essential oils.

Clove has been used extensively in hair care since its benefit to hair follicles has been revealed thanks to its hair stimulating active ingredient. Compared to other spices and oils, it is always used comfortably due to its smell, nourishes the hair follicles and thus provides healthy growth.

Since it is extremely effortless to prepare and apply, it can be easily applied at home by anyone. Thanks to its strong active ingredients, it acts quickly and stops hair loss in a short time. It adds volume to the hair and triggers new hair formation. It repairs hair follicles and hair grows faster. With these features, it is applied as a herbal solution to hair loss.

When used with a spray bottle of clove water, it will be distributed evenly on all your hair roots and will provide you with convenience. A trick is to apply the clove water you prepared by massaging your scalp. Massage your fingers and feed them on your scalp.

This massage also speeds up the blood circulation and stimulates your scalp. It does not require rinsing like treatments with oil, since it is water, it is quickly absorbed by the scalp and does not bother you. There is no need to wash your hair after curing, especially if you like the smell of cloves. Apply this cycle every other day for the first week. Then, once a week, clove water can be applied to the scalp for 3 months.

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