Especially for women, the shape and appearance of nails are at least as important as the hand. For the structure of our nails, we can roughly say that the skin of the hand is hardened and thickened, so all the physical chemical factors that affect our skin positively and negatively are also valid for our nails. A few practical information; hand nails grow faster than toenails. Our fingernails grow faster in summer.

The dominant hand nail grows faster than the other. The male nail grows faster than that of women. The shape and elongation rate of our nails are affected by diseases very quickly. Sometimes color, shape and structure changes occurring on the nail may be a symptom of a skin or internal disease.

Fragile nails, especially the women often complain of, the ends of which are separated by layers, are the result of frequent exposure to soap and water. Another disease that frequently occurs on nails is fungus and it is not possible to recover without medical treatment.

The first signs of thickening or yellow, green and brown color change starting from one end or root of the nail may be. Black, purple, dark blue discoloration may be caused by traumatic bleeding and may also indicate some other nail / skin diseases. It is of great benefit to consult a dermatologist. Ingrown toenail is also an important and common disease in the deterioration of the shape of the nails and hand and foot health. It should not be forgotten that when the face is formed on the toenail with almost a hundred percent wrong cut or eating nails, deformity of the fingers may also cause this.

There is a question that how to do natural nail care. Also what should do to have a strong nails. By applying regular care, we can have healthy and strong nails. Quick break of the nails can be caused by health problems or the possibility of your calcium being low. It threatens nail health in chemical products used in cleaning. You can protect your nails from these negative effects by wearing gloves during cleaning.

Take Care of your Nails

If your nails break quickly, you should first consider this as a health issue. Taking calcium supplements, drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables will help you solve the problem in a short time.

However; If you have habits such as nail biting and gnawing, you should motivate yourself psychologically to prevent this. You may have to do something about this to prevent yourself. For example, you can hang a photo of a celebrity whose hands you like so much where you can see it every day.

You can motivate yourself to decide how you want your nails to have the nails that match it. Products like bitter nail polish may also benefit.

File Your Nails Correctly

The way you nail your nails is also an important issue for your nail health. If you cut your nails and shape them cutly while doing manicure at home, they will be broken more easily because they are more likely to be worn. So if you prefer to cut blunt, you should definitely roll the pointed corners slightly.

Filing the nails too far can cause damage to the nails and breakage. You can prevent the nails from being damaged by gently shaping the softened nails with a nail file. The best time to file your nails in this is after the shower.

If you are going to do this rasp in a normal time, you can keep your hands in warm water. You can also add half a lemon juice into this water if you wish. This will help nourish your nails.

Clean Your Nail Polish Regularly

You should wipe your nail polishes every two or three days and wait for a few days before the renewal to make your nails breathe. In this way, you prevent the nails from breathing and yellowing.

You should also pay attention to the product you use when cleaning your nails. Whether your nail polish remover contains acetone or not, it can have a corrosive feature for your nails.

It can cause thinning of your fingernail and peeling like paper. To prevent these effects, after cleaning your nail polish, you should definitely wash your hands with soap and then use hand cream.

Don’t Cut the Cuticles

One of the most common mistakes is cutting the cuticles. When they cut their cuticles, they become more thick and cause them to grow more quickly.

For this reason, add baby oil into a little hot water and let the meat soften and push the meat inwards with a wooden push rod. Also, don’t forget to use hand cream as you think.

If you do all this, nail care will be easier for you. Doing this is an easier and painless way than cutting your cuticles.

Apply Base Coat Nail Polish

Apply base coat, that is, transparent nail polish under your nail polish. In this way, nail polishes will be removed more easily without leaving any residue.

This allows your nails to get more air. When the nail polish is not applied as a base coat, it absorbs the color pigments of the nail in the nail polish and the surface of the nail deteriorates. You can try this way to prevent your nail from being damaged.

Use Oils for Healthy Growth of Nails

As you can see from the nails that grow faster in the summer, the most known tactic for fast nail growth; is contact with water. The more water they touch during the day, the quicker they will grow.

However, excessive contact may also cause the nail to thin and break. You should pay attention to this fine detail. Therefore, if you are washing dishes, you should add lemon juice to the water, and then massage your nails with effective moisturizers.

Oils such as almond oil and olive oil have many benefits for nail lengthening. You can do nail care with almond oil. By adding this type of oil to your care routine, you can have healthy elongated nails.

Choose the Right Hand Cream

For fast growing nails, you can organize self-care sessions at home. For example; You can rub your nails with a mixture of lemon and oil. After pouring olive oil into the inner shell of the lemon, massaging it by gently pressing it will provide fast extension.

You should also remember that you need some time for healthy nail lengthening. For this, you can see that your nail is getting longer in time by doing the right care without forcing yourself. The hand creams you use also have a great effect on the nails.

It recommend that you give weight to creams that contain olive oil, almond oil or lemon. You should definitely put the hand cream in your bag and use it whenever needed.

Use Vinegar and Vitamin E in Nail Care

Vinegar is another natural product that will help your nails grow faster with beneficial acids in its content. If you massage your nails daily with a mixture of salt and vinegar, you can see the benefits in a short time.

Doing this practice daily will shorten this period. At the end of this, healthy growing nails will be waiting for you. Vitamin E is extremely effective in nail growth.

You can mix this vitamin, which you can find in pharmacy in capsule form, with cream and massage your nails daily. You can be sure that you will have strong nails in a short time.

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