The lone legs that take on all the weight of our body, attract all the rest. They are always on the move during the day, they take us from there to there, but unfortunately our legs are a bit of a coy zone that cannot be examined by everyday movements. It is for this reason that leg thinning is not an easy task as thought. It takes care, discipline and patience. If your body is not accustomed to sports, you may have difficulty sitting even after doing leg thinning movements and you will be suffering too much to take steps. As we said, success does not come without suffering.

However, it is not a very long process for your body to get used to those movements and sports in general. When you get used to it, this means regular repetition for a few weeks. You will start to feel the changes in your body first, and after a few weeks, it will start to be noticed by your friends. Then you will think that you have received the pain you have suffered and you will say that I have done well. Lubrication in the leg and hip areas, which women often complain of, may be among the most common regional lubrication complaints.

That orange peel appearance is very depressing, especially in the summer, with the effect of reverse light. As you see that your cellulites, which you keep with your clothes during the winter months, are no longer hiding, you will realize that it is time to do something. Leg thinning movements are divided into different groups as upper leg, hind leg, lower leg and inner leg, which is the hardest part to work with. Remember, you should never load a single muscle group while doing leg work.

Equal functioning of each muscle group on the leg is essential for a beautiful look. For example, since the muscle groups in the leg are the area where you burn the most calories in your body, it will not force you to get into shape. As you do the movements, you will see that no movement alone exercises the leg muscles. The movements always work with one or more of the hip, back or abdominal muscles. This is ideal for a balanced look. You can do easily this movements for thinning legs at home.

Step up with leg lift exercise

This exercise is a step-up movement by lifting the leg up. Get an exercise bench or a low coffee table. Stand upright in front of the bench and put your right leg on the exercise band. Place your hands on your hips on both sides and rise above your right heel and push yourself up with your left leg straight.

Then tighten your hip muscles and take your left leg upright again. Go back to the starting position, put your left leg on the bench, and this time, rise yourself above your left heel and push yourself upwards so that your right leg is upright. Do not forget to add this movement to your sports list. You will notice that your leg muscles work and get slimmer over time.

Scissor Movement

The scissor exercise, which melts the fats in the upper and inner legs and effectively forms them, also works the abdominal muscles. Put your hands under your waist by lying on your back on the mat. Keeping your waist straight, move your legs up and down.

You can also exercise your abdominal muscles by tightening your abdomen during the movement. You can apply at least 12-15 reps and 2 sets of exercises for each leg. At the end of the exercise, you may feel burning in your upper leg and inner legs. In this way, you will quickly make your legs thinner.

Bridge Movement

One of the ideal movements for the hind limb and hip area, the bridge exercise helps tighten the legs. Lie on your back on the mat, put your hands to each other. With your soles on the floor, bend your knees and lift your waist up for two or three seconds and lower it.

Bridge Exercise is a great exercise for those who want to strengthen the abdominal region while running the bridge movement hip, shaping their hips and thinning their legs. The bridge exercise, which is quite simple to make, will also help you increase your flexibility by operating your waist and back.

While doing this movement, you should control your waist and keep your shoulders fixed on the ground. You can also widen the impact area of ​​the movement by tightening your hips and abdomen while practicing the movement. You can do the exercise in 15 sets and 3 sets.

Chair Exercise

To thin the calves and train the calf muscles, you should focus on lower leg exercises. With the chair exercise, you can thin your calves and upper legs. Sit flat on a chair and stretch your arms forward. Put your right foot on your left knee. Then, slowly stand from the chair and sit back again after two seconds. Do the same for your other leg.

You can do the chair exercise in 12 sets and 2 sets for each leg. To make leg exercises more effective, you can add weight to your ankles and apply movements. You can also regularly increase the number of repetitions and sets of exercises.

Jump Squat

This is not like the squats you know. The name of this movement, which runs both legs, hips, abdomen and calfs, is known as Jump Squat. 3 sets of 10 repetitions can be a good start for you. You can increase the repetitions over time depending on your condition. In this way, you will ensure that your legs, abdomen and hips are working actively.

When starting, your body should be in an upright position. Your trunk should be upright, feet shoulders wide open. Squatting is done by pushing your hip back. The strength of the heel is taken and the hip is pushed up quickly. A straight line is created above from the top to the feet. The floor is dropped again, the squat position is taken.

Front Back Lunge

Although it’s more of a leg-acting movement, the front rack lunge is also a superb abdominal movement. Thanks to the front rack position, the center works harder so that the body remains upright throughout the movement. Get ready to burn your hips, calves, knee beams and upper leg. You can start moving as 3 sets of 15 each.

The head looks straight up. Abdominal muscles are tight, active. While one foot is ahead, the other is left behind in the fingertip position. Take a step forward and at the same time, the back knee is lowered slowly. The movement is applied backwards with the same leg.

The important point is that the back knee should never touch the ground and the front knee should not exceed the fingertip. The feet should face in parallel, force should be applied to the ankle on the front.

Step Up

You can easily do this movement that runs on the upper legs and hips on the coffee table or on the sofa, and at home. You can complete the movement in 3 sets of 8 repetitions. As with any movement, you can increase their number over time.

Your head should be facing upright, one foot should be firmly pressed on the step board you prefer. With your back straight and your abdominal muscles active, lift your body up by taking strength from your upper foot. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the opposite foot.

If it is necessary to be careful while doing the movement, do not bend your back during the movement. When you go up, your leg should be upright and your support leg should be bent.

Sumo Squat

For the sumo squat, which is made a little differently than the normal squat as a standing position, open the outer braces of the toes two shoulders wide. You can perform the movement more effectively by taking a dumbbell that can lift you in both hands. In the movement, which has more leg span than classical squat, the aim is to run the inner leg and hip muscles more.You can work as 3 sets of 10.

Your head should be facing upright, activate your squeezed muscles. Your legs should be slightly wider than the shoulder width and your toes should be facing out. Grasp the dumbbell from the top with both hands. With your back in an upright position (sitting position) stretch your hips back and return to your starting position. If you want you can use dumbbell.

Calf Exercise

It is an exercise that improves the muscles of the calf by raising the body with a single or double toe, with body weight or weight. You can operate your two-piece calf muscles one by one with the foot postures.

You can do calf raise exercise as single or double feet. If you are going to apply it as a single foot, if your foot example is the right foot, take a dumbbell with a weight suitable for your left hand. If you are going to apply as a pair of feet, you can take a dumbbell in both hands or a barbell on your back.

It because it is more effective with one foot in terms of development. Choose a suitable weight and place the fingertips of your one foot on the stepper board. If there is no step board, it may be a weight plate or a stair tread end. You placed your fingertips and the center of the foot and the heel area remained idle parallel to the floor. This will be your starting position.

You can hold it with your other hand to balance, but do not get strength from your grip while doing so. Breathe in, then breathe up and rise up at medium speed. Wait two seconds when you reach the top point. Then, breathe and land at a slower rate than your take-off speed. The landing point will be lower than the starting point parallel to the ground. We will do this to work at maximum distance.

After descending as much as you can, raise yourself to the top by exhaling again. Do the number of repetitions, move on to the other foot and complete the set. This exercise can be done as a maximum number of 4 sets of repetitions. At the end of the exercise, you should feel a good burning in the cuffs. After all this exercises you will have thin legs in a shorty time.

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