If you plan to become pregnant, you need to be careful about what you eat yourself and your general health 2 years before the pregnancy begins. Because a healthy pregnancy starts in a healthy body. If you have excess weight, it is necessary for a healthier pregnancy to lose these weights at least six months before pregnancy. In addition, meeting your body’s with micronutrients such as folic acid, iron, calcium, and magnesium that your doctor will recommend that will provide the ideal environment for your baby before baby coming.

Many recent studies show that pre-pregnancy nutrition has effects on maternal and infant health. Therefore, women planning to become pregnant need to prepare for this important period by feeding their bodies healthy before getting pregnant. One of the most important issues for this is that the mother is in her ideal weight. The reason for this will be to lose weight as much as possible, since it will gain weight during pregnancy. Another is the storage of foods such as folic acid, iron, calcium, omega-3 in the body that the baby needs. Every woman who wants to become a mother should not forget that healthy pregnancy starts in a healthy body. Here are some things women should know before getting pregnant.

Consume Enough Iron

Iron deficiency is a very common problem especially in women. Therefore, fill your iron tanks as much as possible before pregnancy. Iron, which is critical in carrying oxygen to the cells, plays an indispensable role for your baby to have a strong immune system during pregnancy. Red meat, the richest nutrient of iron, must be consumed.

In addition, other animal foods, chickens, fish, eggs, legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, molasses and red grapes should also be included in the diet as they have a high iron content. To increase the absorption of iron in food, consume it with foods such as parsley, pepper, orange, broccoli, which are sources of vitamin C. Take care to consume enough iron foods during the day.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is a very important factor, especially for reducing weight and reducing body fat. Exercise also provides benefits such as breaking insulin resistance, regulating blood sugar, controlling appetite, increasing energy expenditure and being more active.

It is one of the best ways to have a strong body structure during the preparation for pregnancy. It would be beneficial for your health to walk at least 30 minutes every day rather than at least doing heavy sports.

Be in your Ideal Weight

Both overweight and expectant mother’s weakness are problems that must be corrected before getting pregnant for a healthy baby. Losing weight during pregnancy is also correct too; but you should try to get down to your ideal weight before getting pregnant. Excess weight and obesity also cause decreased fertility; Diabetes during pregnancy, hypertension, large birth of baby, birth defects, cesarean delivery and childhood obesity is also an important health problem. If your body mass index is over 25, it means overweight and body fat rate is high. Having a body mass index below 18 may also cause the expectant mother to face infertility and lead to health problems.

So if your value is in the range of 18-25, your weight is ideal for getting pregnant. Getting pregnant when you’re too weak (under 40 kilos) or overweight causes problems. However, it should not be forgotten. Conception of being overweight causes much more problems than conceiving too thin. Gestational sugar, vascular occlusion, gallstones, insulin resistance, gestational blood pressure, difficulty in delivery and even an increased risk of cesarean delivery may accompany overweight pregnancies. Therefore, it should be tried to reach the ideal weight before pregnancy.

Consume Enough Calcium

There is no need for the expectant mother to take calcium as a pill. 500-750 ml of calcium-rich milk and yogurt. consuming 75% of the daily calcium needs. Calcium needs are met by consuming cheese varieties, vegetables and fruits and nuts, which are other sources of calcium.

Calcium is a mineral that has important functions in the body such as bone and cartilage development, healthy tooth formation, normal functioning of the muscular and nervous system, regular and continuous cellular studies, blood clotting, normal blood pressure.

Take Care of Balanced Nutrition

Adequate and balanced nutrition is very important for mothers and fathers who want to have children. Healthy and adequate nutrition and abundant water consumption will help improve egg quality and number, thereby improving fertility. At the same time, it provides full body stores and healthy development of the baby in order to meet the vitamin protein needs of the expectant mothers during pregnancy. It should be remembered that the more diverse foods consumed daily, the richer in terms of vitamin minerals and other nutrients.

Attention should be paid to fish consumption 1-2 times a week in order to take omega 3 fatty acids, which play an important role in the development of brain, nerve and eye tissue in growth and development. In cases where fish cannot be consumed, pills containing fish oil can be used. If there are foods with a high content of additives such as ready-made foods, packaged foods, acid drinks in the eating habits, it should be avoided to consume them.

Take Folic Acid Supplement

The most common disability in infants is the group called “neural tube defects”. This problem, which consists of problems in the region from the brain to the coccyx, is very associated with folic acid deficiency. The critical point here is; that folic acid intake should be taken before the formation of pregnancy.

Folic acid supplement, taken 400 micrograms per day from the 3-month period before pregnancy, prevents the occurrence of neural tube disorders. Folic acid is found in citrus, green leafy vegetables, nuts, almonds and legumes. Do not forget to use multivitamins or folic acid tablets containing 400 mg folic acid in addition to folic acid you will receive with natural foods from the period before pregnancy.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Alcohol is a substance that reduces the quality and number of sperm in men and the chance of getting pregnant in women. Alcohol consumption negatively affects the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, folic acid, thiamine and protein, causing nutritional deficiencies, weight gain and excessive fat. After deciding to have a child, it must be stopped. Smoking should also be stopped as soon as it causes ovulation disorder and changes in sperm.

At the same time, smoking negatively affects the absorption of vitamin minerals, reduces the level of oxygen in the blood. While preterm birth, low-weight infant causes sudden infant deaths, it may cause attention deficit, hyperactivity, behavioral anomalies and learning disability in childhood. For this reason, the longer the cigarette is quit before getting pregnant, the more the baby will be protected from these damages.

Get Vitamin D Regularly

Vitamin D is very important for cellular activities as well as bone health. Vitamin D deficiency has negative effects on fetus and newborn bone development. Vitamin D plays a role in the development of the immune system, in the fetal heart muscle and brain development.

Therefore, it is very important for the healthy development of the baby that vitamin D stores are sufficient before and during pregnancy. Don’t forget to eliminate your daily required vitamin D deficiency.

Eat Iodized Salt

Iodine is the main ingredient in the structure of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormone plays a role in growth, development, metabolism and reproductive functions. Therefore, it causes disorders such as mental retardation, lack of growth and development, and goiter.

Therefore, consumption of foods with high iodine content (eggs, milk, fish, etc.) and salt with iodine are important. Thus, congenital hypothyroidism, the most important cause of preventable mental retardation, is prevented.


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