Did you budget for skin care is limited or didn’t you have the opportunity to go deeper. In general, many experts say this is not necessary. There are a few things to do to keep or improve our skin as best it can be, apart from serious problems. Most of these things you do are almost free. If you make these recommendations a part of your life, you will begin to notice positive results in time. Although these habits may seem difficult at first, they will become a part of your life when you repeat them and put them into order. If you want your skin to be as perfect as porcelain, you should definitely follow these recommendations. Here are some of those recommendations.

1- Take Care to Consume Water Regularly

drink water

Drink water regularly is a rule that everyone knows in general. Even if everyone knows how beneficial it is to drink water, they avoid drinking it or just wait to become thirsty during the day. This is a situation that has been done quite wrong. Even when you need to drink water or don’t need to drink water during the day it is very important for your body to consume the required amount of water. Drink water regularly helps to improve many skin problems, from dryness to wrinkles, from oily skin to acne. If you have one of these problems, you should start drinking water before turning to expensive products. You will notice as soon as you start drinking 3 litres of water a day. Your metabolism will start to accelerate and your skin will start to become beautiful. Don’t forget to take water with you without leaving the house and you can even throw lemon wedges in your water if you wish.

2- Don’t Forget the Sun Cream in Summer and Winter

sunscreen rides

In general many people remember to apply sunscreen only in the summer. In fact, the sun’s damage to our skin continues throughout the year, regardless of summer and winter. We should don’t rely on the pure protection found in foundation or bb creams. On the contrary, you need to obtain a sunscreen that is suitable for your own skin. Using sunscreen regularly will also help to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

3-  Apply Two-Layer Cleaning

face cleaning

Although at first it sounds like something the industry has invented to make us use twice as many products, it is not. This two-fold cleansing is one of the important steps for our skin. For this reason, first clean your makeup and dirt with a heavy oil-based or balm-based cleanser and then complete your skin cleansing with the help of a lighter gel or water-based cleanser. So just using oil-based products doesn’t mean you are taking good care of your skin. When you return home, put aside your fatigue and apply this two-step makeup removal process.

4- Don’t Forget the Expiration Dates of the Products

Expiration Dates

A small writing on the back of your cosmetic product shows you how long your product will last after opening. Products with powder content are known to have a longer duration of use. However, it is not the right choice to continue using facial cleansing products even after the expiration dates have passed. If you notice any odor or discoloration from the products you use, throw them away immediately. If you continue to use this type of historical products, rather than beautifying your skin, you will cause it to become worse. For these reasons, we recommend that you be careful about the dates of use of the products.

5- Take Care to use Paper Towels Instead of Towels


While this step is quite an important step, many people do not implement it. The number of people who prefer to use towels instead of towel paper is quite large. Especially if we draw attention, you shouldn’t think of wiping your face with your hands same towel. You should be careful to opt for disposable paper towels instead. Keep in mind that microbes start to reproduce and spread very quickly in constantly humid environments such as bathrooms. If you apply a towel on your face where such germs spread, instead of making your skin better, you will cause different problems to arise in your skin. The healthiest way to be away from all these problems is to use paper towels.

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