If you don’t prefer to have heavy layers on our skin, regardless of the summer or winter months, there are some ways to apply makeup with few products. Recently, shiny skin has become quite popular. You can get suggestions from many people for having shiny skin.   But when it’s called glittering skin, we see only extreme glitter-containing make-up models on social media. We can have a bright effect when products such as gold-colored illuminators, shimmering bronzers and shiny gels are applied in layers. This image that we will have will cause a rather artificial appearance rather than a natural one. Some beauty suggestions for people who are in favor of natural shine are as follows.

1- Make your Skin Smooth

Having a peeling gel that suits your skin structure and using it regularly helps to reveal the natural brightness of your skin. After you have a peeling that suits your own skin type, add it to your skin care routine and use it according to your skin needs. If your skin is dry you can only use it once a week, but if you have oily skin you can use  it 2 times a week. With this peeling you will get rid of the knitted skins on your skin and your skin will have a smooth surface. You should not necessarily neglect to add to your routine by having a proper peeling gel.

2- Use Colored Moisturizers

To have radiant skin, you should avoid using products that will stand heavy on your skin. For this, you should choose to use a water-based tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation application that covers the imperfections on the skin heavily. Color moisturizers help to balance your skin tone, while at the same time adding a natural glow to your skin. Apply it with a brush or sponge by taking some colored moisturizer on your hand. To make sure that you do not miss any point on your face, you can apply from the middle to the outer parts of your face. If your skin is too dry, you can add a drop of your face oil into this colorful moisturizer. Thus will allow for a more transparent effect on your skin.

3- Applying Concealer

If you have a pouch under your eye just before you start your make-up process, soothe them with an ice cube to eliminate them completely. In addition to reducing swelling on the skin, this application also contributes to tightening of the skin. After this application, you can start to apply concealer under your eyes. You can apply with a tiny sponge to areas that appear red or need closure on your face. Doing this with a slightly damp sponge ensures that your face has a luminous integrity.

4- Take Advantage of Natural Light on your Face

Make up with a good application makes your skin color beautiful. Ensuring that your skin color is one tone is not enough to get rid of its natural color. You can apply balm on your cheekbones, under your eyebrows, or on your nose in the form of an illuminator you have. in other words, it is important to illuminate the higher parts of your skin and the parts that will come into contact with the sun. In this way, your skin will have a healthy and bright appearance. You can also use water-based blush if you wish. With blush you can create the sunburned effect on your cheeks.

5- Use Face Spray at the end of the Makeup

You will need to ensure the permanence of this make-up as the makeup you have done during the day carries the risk of deterioration. For this, you can choose facial sprays with moisturizing properties. After your makeup is done, you can use this spray to give your skin more glow.  You should remember that the less you apply, the more natural your skin will look.

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