Generally of the main reasons for the hunger situation and the desire to eat which cannot be stopped may be due to the foods being consumed. In daily life some foods that are consumed quickly life and are also seen as short-term solutions can be seen as innocent.But actually, the truth isn’t quite like that. In general, such drinks with a high glycemic index in their contents cause blood sugar to rise faster than normal foods. This is why even if the foods you eat make you feel better at first, Your Blood Sugar will drop again in a short period of time, causing you to feel hungry again. These foods are certainly not beneficial when it comes to controlling appetite.Here are some of these foods

1- Smoothies that Sold on the Outside

Smoothies, which are becoming quite popular today, may not be as healthy as they appear. To be particularly careful, smoothies containing excessive sugar instantly increase blood sugar and affect your appetite control in a very negative way. In addition to this, it creates a feeling of fatigue and more hunger in the body.  To avoid such negative aspects, choose to drink healthy smoothies that do not contain sugar and are prepared with natural fruits. This type of sugar-free drinks will provide the blood sugar to rise slowly. You can also easily prepare your smoothie in your own home.

2- Bagel

One of our favorite flavors, the bagel is made of white flour and has a high glycemic index and a very low fiber ratio. Even if it makes you feel full from the moment you eat it, your blood sugar will decrease in a short time and cause you to become hungry again. To avoid such situations, instead of eating a full bagel, you can eat half a whole-grain bagel, along with feta cheese, olives and plenty of greens. Thus, the content of your breakfast will have more fiber content and your blood sugar will rise more slowly. This will cause you to be hungry later and will prolong your satiety.

3-White Rice and Pasta

Nowadays, there are few people who do not like rice and pasta. However, the conditions that apply to bagels continue to be valid in rice and pasta in the same way. Instead of consuming rice and pasta, it is better to choose pastas with brown rice or whole grain. Also, brown rice and whole grain pasta, which are high in fiber content, would increase your satiety. It will also help your blood sugar rise slowly. You can also make delicious sauces with a healthy fat and protein content that you can add to your brown rice or whole grain pasta to have a healthy digestive system.

4- Cereals

Although it seems to be advantageous for early mornings, cornflakes are quite an appetizer, in fact, it is not the right choice. One of the biggest reasons is that the eating cereal in the morning will make you hungry until the lunchtime. One of the reasons for this is that many breakfast cereals are full of refined carbohydrates, high in added sugar content and also lack protein content. This causes your blood sugar to rise at a time and then fall. To control your sugar level, you can opt for oats with high fiber content by staying away from these types of cereal. To consume oats alone will not be everyone’s choice, so you can add any fruit and dried fruits to it.

5- Candy and Chocolate

If you want to maintain your form and control your appetite, one of the first foods you need to stay away from is chocolate and sugar. These foods, which contain sugar in excess content, upset the balance of sugar and lead to hunger in a very short time. For these reasons, it causes you to secrete excessive amounts of insulin during snack hours.This type of excessive sugar-containing foods as an alternative to the healthier foods such as dried fruits and fruits, be careful to choose. Instead, if you want to do something absolutely sweet, you can make alternative whole-grain cakes or cookies that do not contain sugar in your home.

6- Fruit Juices

Normally, when you consume a fruit, you consume quite a fiber content. However, fruits and vegetables have been removed from the water and become a fiber-free. They do not contain fiber in their content so that they do not create a feeling of toughness. For this reason, if you absolutely want to drink fruit juice, you should be careful to choose unadulterated juices that you have prepared yourself or that do not contain added sugar. It is possible to solve this by reading the labels carefully. In addition, fruit and vegetable juices do not replace water. You should not skip the amount of water you need to drink daily.

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