As we all know in general, alcohol and tobacco products harm our health, especially. But there are some habits that we continue to do on a daily basis that we are not aware of but continue to harm us. Each person has a certain routine according to their own life. For example, we always shower, put our bag in the same place or sit in the same places. Even if you are not aware of them, some of your actions negatively affect your health. Here are some habits that continue to hurt you even if you’re not aware of them.

Sleeping with Electronic Devices

Research shows that the use of electronic devices before sleeping negatively affects sleep quality. Again as a result of research, 89% of adults and 75% of children have at least one electronic device in their rooms. Sleep disorder causes weight gain and daytime fatigue. When our body does not get enough sleep on a daily basis, your metabolism cannot function properly. Your sleep patterns and hours of sleep also greatly affect your learning ability and productivity during the day. Keeping yourself away from electronic devices approximately 1 hour before bedtime can help prevent these problems.

Drinking Water from Plastic Bottles

As everyone in general knows, the use of plastic is very damaging to nature. Pieces of plastic thrown into nature can not disappear for years. Based on this, we can understand that plastic is also harmful to the human body. Plastic bottles secrete a chemical substance when exposed to any temperature. The substance they secrete poses a major threat to health. An example of this is if; the superficial layers of plastic in the water bottle you leave under the sun can cause you to unleash a toxic chemical that will contaminate the water you drink. This released substance can also affect our endocrine system. The risk of breast cancer increases with that.

Eating Food Fast

Eating food quickly means you’re not chewing that food exactly. This condition affects your digestive system by making digestion difficult. When eating food fast becomes a habit, it can cause digestive system disorders, heart problems or diabetes. Eat quickly can also be a reason for your weight gain. The reason for this is that when you eat, your brain’s saturation signals come about 20 minutes later. But if you finish your meal before this time, you may notice that you will be hungry again after a little while. For these reasons, take care to chew while eating foods

Brush Teeth Immediately After Eating

In general, everyone wants to brush their teeth after they eat. However, instead of brushing your teeth immediately after eat, it is necessary to wait approximately 30 minutes. The layer on our teeth that protects our teeth causes wear and tear due to the acids formed by the food we eat. That’s why, after eating, our teeth are found actually the most sensitive. But our body helps to protect our teeth by balancing the acid level. For this reason, brushing your teeth immediately after eating can damage this layer. You can wait 30 minutes after the meal and then brush your teeth easily.


As we sleep, our body make up and repairs itself. The idea that sleeping too much will give you more rest is absolutely wrong. In contrast, the amount of sleep varies from person to person. Research shows that sleep between 7 and 9 hours is beneficial to us in general. Too much sleep has a negative effect on human health. If you sleep too much on a regular basis, depression, heart disease, obesity and worn-out brain functions may occur in the future. For all these reasons, you can create your own sleep patterns by determining the appropriate hours.

Sitting too much

Employees who spend all day sitting may have serious health problems. Being sedentary for a long time can affect you physically, but also biologically, it can affect your health. Inactivity can also trigger some discomfort. As an example; disorders such as obesity type 2 diabetes may occur later in life as a result of prolonged immobilization. At the same time, the way you sit can cause your spine to deteriorate. For this reason, even if you work sitting down, do not forget to stand up every 30 minutes. In this way, at least you can contribute to prevent any discomfort that may occur. 

Using an Ear Stick

 As a result of the research, it was found that the ear stick pushed the dirt away into the ear canal instead of cleaning our ear. It can also cause infections in the ear, perforation of the eardrum, and ringing in the ear. What needs to be done is to leave the ears to themselves and allow the dirt to be throw by the ear. Our ear canal acts as a filter and prevents the accumulation of dirt and ensures that it is thrown out. Therefore,  we strive to clean it, but it is necessary not to force it with the ear stick, as impurities will spontaneously come out. However, if you want to clean your lap, you can do so with the help of cotton.

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