Nowadays, sugar has become one of the nutrients we consume most. The sugar that we add into the coffee and tea we drink during the day contains from the carbonated drinks we drink to the desserts we eat it have sugar in it. One of the biggest problems we experience when consuming sugar is that we do not know how much sugar we consume during the day. Excess sugar consumption damages our body more than thought and supports the formation of some diseases. In particular, there are damages such as weakening the body’s defense system by increasing the risk of cancer. nowadays, a person is consuming between 10 and 30 teaspoons of sugar on average. Our daily calorie intake should not constitute more than 10% of sugar consumption. Taking too much sugar in the body can not be tolerated as a result of sugar accumulation can lead to many serious diseases in later periods. some of the damage to our health from consuming sugar.

It can Cause Skin Wrinkles

When there is excessive amounts of sugar in the body, sugar molecules bind to proteins, causing the structure of the protein to change. This is called glycation. As a result of this event, collagen and elastin proteins, which are very important structures of the skin, can also be damaged.  These two types of proteins provide elasticity and firmness of the skin. when these two types of proteins damage, on the skin causing sagging, wrinkles and deterioration of the surface of the skin. This type of wrinkles may occur at an earlier age than expected due to excess sugar consumption.

It Causes Headaches

migraines and headaches

Over time, the body’s fluid balance deteriorates and cells are unable to perform their functions regularly due to being dehydrated.  At the same time, the happiness hormone called serotonin is over-secreted and disappears within a short period of time. As a result of these situations, imbalances begin to form in the body and you begin to feel sluggish, exhausted and depressed over time. As a result of these imbalances that your body begins to create, it causes a great deal of headache. In fact, as thought, sugar can lead to unhappiness in a long time, not happy.

It can Weakens the Body’s Defenses

Red blood cells are a very important part of the immune system. Red blood cells sometimes stay between vitamin C and sugar molecules. Vitamin C has a structure quite similar to the sugar molecule. As a result of excessive consumption of sugar, vitamin C cannot be used by immune cells and also causes a large proportion of the immune system to weaken.  For these reasons also the possibility of getting sick is further increased.

It Causes the Formation of Dental Caries

Many kinds of bacteria live in our mouth. Some of these bacteria benefit our teeth, although some of them can damage our teeth. If the bacteria that feed on simple sugar are not cleaned by brushing or saliva, which leads to the formation of an acidic environment in our mouth by turning the existing sugar into acid. As a result of this acidic environment, tooth decay occurs when it dissolves the minerals that are in the top layer of tooth enamel and which protect our teeth. In order not to cause this kind of Decay, you should make sure that you finish your sugar consumption completely or that you are actually cleaning your teeth.

It can Lead to Obesity

In general, the main cause of obesity, which is one of the most common diseases nowadays, is based on excessive consumption of sugar. When consumed excessively and continuously, fructose, known as the liver component, begins to be stored as fat. As a result of this, the increase in lubrication leads to the formation of obesity. This lubrication continues, especially starting around the waist circumference.

It can Cause Liver Fat

Excessive triglyceride accumulation on karacakier causes you to have a fatty liver over time. Excessively consumed fructose results in an increase in triglycerides and it can cause to liver become fatty. In addition to these, excessive sugar consumption causes weight gain and insulin resistance that comes with obesity is among the factors that will affect liver fat.

It Causes the Formation of Insulin Resistance

Insulin is one of the most important and necessary hormones in our body, which helps to regulate blood sugar. Insulin resistance means that the sugar in the blood is not used if it enters the cell. Research has shown that insulin resistance occurs as a result of excessive sugar consumption. As a result of insulin resistance,is the result of the formation of metabolic syndrome, obesity, Type 2 diabetes with the increase in heart and vascular diseases can occur.

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