As humanity, we are completely cut off from the world around us. We spend all of our time indoors in cars, offices and homes that take away from nature and the world that allow us to exist. Even if our feet do not touch virgin lands or grass, it prevents us from reaching the best state of our health.

More and more people are realizing the importance of getting rid of shoes and socks and walking or standing in a natural place. This process is known as grounding or bare foot therapy, and it also attracts the attention of the scientific world. More research is being done on the health benefits of grounding.

In this article, we will talk about the theory behind grounding and discuss the health benefits that research has revealed.

The assumption behind grounding is quite simple: It is to keep the body in direct contact with the ground. This contact can take many different forms. It is usually carried out on natural and untreated surfaces such as soil, sand or water.

The soil has a slight negative charge. Our bodies can accumulate large amounts of positive charge as we spend more time in a processed and urbanized environment. If this situation is not taken under control, it is thought that this positive load may have negative effects on our health. This imbalance can be corrected by making direct contact with the soil.

So how exactly does the grounding occur in our body? For various reasons, harmful substances that we call free radicals accumulate in our body. Free radicals, on the other hand, can cause many diseases, from cancer to vascular occlusion. At this point, grounding comes into play and corrects the balance in the body by means of free radicals.

In addition, chronic inflammation, which we call inflammation, prepares the ground for many diseases. Research shows us that contact with the soil also reduces inflammation, which causes many diseases, and provides cell-based benefits in the body.

Provides a Better Sleep

A published study examined the role of grounding on sleep patterns. Participants in the study were experiencing sleep disturbance, pain, and stress issues, and were told to lie on a grounding mat for an eight-week period.

The results were very significant: Cortisol profiles were normalized, sleep disturbance and pain and stress were improved. All of this happened when their bodies were bonded to the earth.

If you do not have a grounding bed, stepping on the ground during the day with your bare feet will help you sleep much better at night.

Provides Balanced Energy

As I explained earlier, the assumption behind grounding is that your positive charge is rebalanced every time you walk barefoot on the ground. You may have heard the words “grounding” or “grounded” from electrical appliances.

These words usually mean to poke something conductive (such as a metal rod) into the ground to provide a continuous and balanced electrical charge. Interestingly, our bodies act just like metal rods.

The high amount of water in our tissues acts as a huge conductive rod, allowing the negative charge that supports our health to move to our center. In fact, this situation was measured by scientists in a study conducted in 2016. According to this research, grounding provides a 58-fold reduction in AC body voltage against harmful currents generated by electrical appliances in healthy subjects.

It Causes Less Pain

While it’s hard to believe that something as simple as touching the ground with bare feet can be effective in reducing any pain you have, research shows this to be true.

In a study, 8 healthy subjects were exposed to exercises that could cause muscle pain in their legs.

Over the three-day period, the scientists observed the subjects’ pain levels and found that all subjects who slept on the grounding mats had a reduction in their pain levels.

It Decreased inflammation

The pain relieving effect of grounding is likely due to the anti-inflammatory effects experienced by those who regularly come into direct contact with the soil.

A study examining this issue and addressing people with chronic inflammation found that the daily loss of natural grounding causes a shortage of electrons in the human body, resulting in chronic inflammation with increased free radicals.

By grounding our bodies on a daily basis, we can rebalance our electrical load and reduce the symptoms of inflammation. Chronic inflammation can cause many diseases.

Improvement in Cardiovascular Health

Among the health benefits of grounding is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular health. A study showed the effects of two-hour grounding on red blood cells of ten healthy people. Subjects touched conductive areas in the soil with their hands and feet. Blood samples were taken from the subjects before and after grounding.

In the study, it was observed that the electrical charge in red blood cells increased by an average of 2.7 and the viscosity and coagulation of the blood decreased with grounding.

Given that coagulation is one of the biggest contributors to cardiovascular health complications, the researchers concluded that grounding demonstrates that it is one of the simplest and most obvious interventions for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Best Places for Grounding

Although it is a good idea to remove your shoes and socks as much as possible, only certain areas or surfaces can provide the energy balancing effects of grounding.

One of the easiest ways to take full advantage of the benefits of grounding is to walk barefoot on the ground, stone or water. Make sure there is no cement in the ground you are stepping on. In the case of cement, electron flow in the soil will be blocked.

One of the best things you can do to make the most of the benefits of grounding is to swim in natural water. Water is an absolutely perfect conductor. So every time you swim (or put your feet in water) your body is filled with a slight negative charge. Besides water, sand is also a good conductor.

Do not worry if you cannot easily reach the required grounding areas. There are also options for grounding in your home or workplace. The grounding mat you will use while working or watching television will be useful in balancing the harmful effects of electronic devices you are exposed to. At the same time, you can have a restful sleep every night by laying a grounding sheet on your bed.

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