The fast pace of daily life prevents many people in big cities from skipping meals and creating a regular feeding routine. In this fast pace, the fast food type that appears to be easily accessible is fatty and rather high calorie foods are preferred. But instead of keeping you full, these types of foods will cause you to feel hunger in a shorter period of time in the following hours. This is why many people complain about this situation. Apart from these foods, there are also foods that are healthier and keep you full for a long time. In this way, you will be eating healthily by consuming these foods and at the same time you will not consume excess calories as other foods. Here are some foods that help increase the feeling of satiety for a long time.


Milk is one of the foods that will help to keep you full. In addition to helping to keep you full, milk is a food that can help you lose weight. According to research done, drinking a glass of low-fat milk during the day provides more fat loss than diet without drinking milk. At the same time, milk helps to protect mass of muscle. In addition, because of the protein and calcium content in milk, it is the first of the foods that help weight loss. Although you do not necessarily diet during the day for all these reasons, do not forget to add a glass of low-fat milk to your diet routine.


This green powder, which has become very popular today as it is known, also has an effect in terms of loss weight. This powder has many benefits, especially it helps to weight loss. It is also known to be very rich in antioxidants. As a result of recent research, it has been observed that matcha tea, which is drinking during the day, helps to reduce fat tissue during the brisk walk.


Water has a very important place in our daily lives. Each person should drink the appropriate amount of water. Water is also seen as helping to lose weight. Drink water helps to keep you full during the day and speed up metabolism. Research has revealed that people who drink water 30 minutes before eating lose weight at a greater rate than those who don’t drink water. Always keep a bottle of water with you and consume it regularly during the day. You can also try drink water when you feel a slight hunger. In this way, you can suppress the light hunger and prevent eating junk food.

Lean Protein

In general, many people do not know that lean protein helps to lose weight. Protein in our body helps to maintain muscles mass, causing our body to use even more energy to break it down. In this way, your body burns more calories than normal. The most important event in this situation is consuming lean protein. Examples include red meat, skinless chicken and Turkey, which contain a small amount of fat. You can support the weight loss phase by consuming lean proteins.


Coffee contains caffeine, which stimulates our central nervous system. As a result of many studies, some compounds found in the contents of coffee were found to help break down fat. It also increases the body’s temperature and contributes more calories burned than normal. If you don’t like to drink coffee, you can take advantage of the benefits by adding it to your smoothies. Or you can try drinking it by consuming persimmon or nuts alongside coffee.

Green Leafy Vegetables

As many people know, vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and red leafy lettuce are great contributors to weight loss. The main reasons for this is that the calorie content is very low and the fiber rates are very high. You can add nuts, walnuts or cheese to your delicious salad with greens. But you should be careful about calorie. Excessive addition may not be very beneficial for your diet. That’s why you have to be careful to behave in moderation.

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