In general, one of the things that no one wants to have in their house is insect. But many times it can become everyone’s problem. It may be a matter of time before they suddenly invade your home for many reasons. But there are several ways to get rid of insects. If you want to get rid of them by natural methods, but also if you like to grow plants in your home, these suggestions will be perfect for you.


Lavender is the archenemy of moths, but also an indispensable part of the wardrobe. The idea of putting lavender-filled sacs in our cupboards, which we learned from the past, is really a very useful idea. It is an effective solution, especially against moths. Besides moths, it is one of the most important protectors against flies and cockroaches. Place the lavender in vase and place it on your balcony with your glass edges so you can protect your house from insects. The peculiar smell of lavender is among the odors that insects do not like. In this way, they will not prefer to visit your home.

Bee Balm

Although it is generally known by names such as lemon grass and balm grass among the public, son grass is known to have the effect of removing many species of insects and flies by natural methods. The son can take his weed from the florist and take advantage of its benefits. This plant has mint-like leaves and also has a scent resembling lemon. This plant has such a beautiful smell that insects like lavender don’t like it. Not only does it remove insects from your home, but it can also be brewed and applied to the skin. This herb is applied to the skin and helps to prevent itching and redness of mosquitoes and insect bites that exist on the skin.


As we mentioned above, son herb and mint have similarities. These features are not limited to external appearance. The peppermint plant, which we like to smell, has the ability to keep ants, flies and even mice out of the house with its pungent smell. If you don’t want insects to get into your home, get plenty of mint vase and place them on your balcony and glass sides. That way, you’ll stop the bugs from breaking into your house.


As everyone knows, basil is a very useful solution for coping with flies. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes or houseflies, you can try putting basil vase on your glass edges or balconies. You can use this plant, which we love with its scent and also removes flies, as a different alternative. Leave the fresh basil leaves to infuse by throwing them into simmering water, as you would when brewing tea. Then apply this basil tea to your body to get mosquito protection by natural means. This will protect you from the flies.


Rosemary, which we use even in our meals with its sweet smell, has another feature besides these. Like many others, the rosemary plant is very good at keeping your home away from insects. It also helps to keep away insects that can surround other plants. You can put your rosemary flower vase next to the potted plant you suspect is infestation. You can also prevent insects from entering by putting them on the sides of your balconies or windows. Just like we said in the basil, you can put on your body by making the tea of ​​rosemary. In this way, you will have a natural fly repellent.


This plant, which you can get from the florist, stands out for the beauty of its flowers, is also very effective at removing insects. This plant, which can have different colors such as yellow, red, orange, will add beauty to your home with its pleasant appearance and will also remove insects from your home with its scent. Marigold generally likes warm climates. If your home is not suitable for growing this plant, you can also try using marigold oil. Place the velvet flower in the areas where insects can enter, or in the same way, smear the marigold oil into those places. This way you will notice that your home will be free of insects.

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