We love this time of year. Although we enjoy the hot, sunny summer days, who can deny the miracles of autumn too. It’s time to take the sweaters out of the closet, get the pumpkin ready, and get ready for the cool days to come.

Preparing for cold weather requires you to take better care of yourself, so when preparing for the fall and the next holiday season, consider the following health adviceSome health tips for the fall months.

Take Care to have a Check Up

Did you know that more heart health problems are discovered during the winter months than at any other time of the year? Because cold air can affect circulation and cause the heart to work harder.

Autumn is the ideal time for an annual checkup because it makes sure you are in top health before winter begins. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about seasonal vaccinations.

In addition, your family health history can provide tips on how to create a strong health plan for you and your doctor. Relatives often get together more often during the fall and winter months, so use family gatherings to learn more about your health legacy.

Refresh Your Immune Boosters

You can help yourself and your family by starting to store up what is essential for immune health. Try the antioxidant vitamin C, L-lysine, zinc, and immune-boosting herbs like full-spectrum olive leaf and echinacea.

Have a natural hand cleaner on your desk, put hand sanitizer wipes in your bag and put them in your kids’ bags too.

Since 70% of the immune system is in the digestive system, it is also a good idea to support digestion and immune health with probiotics and prebiotic fibers.

Adopt Autumn Flavours

Eating whole foods that are appropriate for the season is important for year-round nutrients, and real foods in the fall are very attractive.

Marketers and greengrocers are full of products like squash, gourd, apples, beets, kale and brussel sprouts, and the list goes on.

Also, the job does not end with the market. Autumn healthy soup recipes are also ideal for experimenting with powerful spices such as turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon and ginger. Also, superfoods like bone broth collagen and matcha green tea are ideal in cold weather.

Adapt Your Exercise Habit to the Season

Plan your cold weather activity routine now, as this will make you less likely to skip the sport when the weather changes and going out is not very attractive.

If the idea of ​​going to a gym is not for you, you can follow the exercises online or create a workout yourself.

It may even be enough to turn on the music and dance in your living room. Add more activity to your day through mini-work and staying active at work.

Reassess Your Hair and Skin Routine

Have you noticed that your skin looks paler in the cold, dry months? Does your hair and scalp feel dry? You do not imagine this. When hot weather hits indoors, the hair dries out and also the lack of moisture and cold outside do not help much. Switching between the two will ruin your hair and skin.

You can regain shine with daily skin peeling and regular moisturizing. You can use oils of natural origin to moisturize dehydrated skin and dry hair. You can use argan oil, rosehip oil or jojoba oil for hair and skin. Apply the oils on your hands, hair tips and skin after showering. After the shampoo, apply it to your hands and scalp or add some into the shampoo.

Hyaluronic acid can also have a great impact on skin care. It draws moisture to your skin and provides protection of fluid balance. It also makes a good addition to lotions and oils.

Remind Yourself of Healthy Portion Sizes

Do you know what a healthy serving of protein is? Or in what proportion should the vegetables be consumed with starch? It’s best to be sure, especially before the holidays. Miscalculating portion sizes can lead to accidental overeating and weight gain, making it difficult to get the right amounts of essential nutrients.

Before the holiday season comes, reconsider what the ideal meals are for you and get into the habit of focusing on healthier portion sizes. In general, half your plate should be vegetables, a quarter lean protein and a quarter whole grain starch.

Be aware of your daily nutritional needs. So pay attention to your calorie and protein intake. Thus, healthy food will become your nature. To make up for nutrient deficiencies, store real, whole foods and buy real food multivitamins if needed.

Keep Your Sleep Synchronized

One of the biggest things that change sleep patterns is time changes. In the fall, the days get shorter, which means that it gets dark earlier and this leaves us tired. Because when the sun goes out and the lights are low, our body produces melatonin and this hormone helps regulate sleep-wake cycles.

If you commute in the dark, you might want to sleep at 6pm even though you sleep well at night, and that means it’s time to make some changes. Fight the urge to sleep very early in the evening more actively. For this, it is useful to move your body.

It may also be more beneficial to replace your bulbs with natural, balanced interior lighting. Do not forget about vitamin D supplements. Your body needs sunlight to produce this essential nutrient, and the lack of sun causes vitamin D values ​​to drop, which makes you tired.

Do Digital Detox

Cold weather will make you stay indoors longer, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day in front of the screen. Blue lights from electronic devices can damage your eyes.

Instead of looking at so many screens, explore indoor activities that don’t require the use of screens. These include things like board games, creative hobbies, and puzzles. It is also ideal for starting an autumn self-care routine.

Set Yourself Goals

Over a long period of time, small intentions can keep you moving towards reaching your goals. Start now and instead of waiting for the next year, take small steps towards your goals every day.

If getting in shape is among your goals, getting started now can help. Small changes in your daily diet and exercise habits will be more beneficial than fast diets and extreme sports in the long run.

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