Are snacks beneficial for health and diet? Research support that eating 5 meals reduces body fat and waist circumference. So what should eat in snacks? The golden rule of a healthy and balanced diet is to eat 3 main and 3 snacks. There are many people who complain that I consume my main meals regularly but I always skip my snacks or do not know what type of food to choose and what amount to eat in the snacks.

There is something that those who say unnecessary snacks forget is that the restrictive eating behavior turns into blockages after a certain period of time. Psychological hunger is like a bow, and the more you stretch that bow, you run away after a while and try to feed your feelings with food. It will be quite late for someone who has lunch to arrive home in the evening and sitting for dinner will be late. This person is fasted for an average of 8 hours.

Blood sugar decrease, besides physiological hunger, psychological hunger is added. Even if this person is full of stomach after eating dinner, he will continue his eating behavior until he goes to bed because he is not able to saturate himself psychologically, so he will go to sleep by taking much more energy than his daily energy.

Goal; is to keep your blood sugar in balance and prevent hungry quickly and eat too much at the next meal. Another important issue is; Frequent feeding will become a habit in the person who makes snacks, and accordingly the metabolic rate will increase. Weight loss will accelerate due to the increase in metabolism rate. Of course, it is very important what kind of foods are consumed in snacks. Also there should be certain snack times according to main meal.

Usually when it comes to snacks, junk food, fatty and sugary foods come to mind. However, consuming such foods during snacks will result in weight gain. Also, consuming sugary foods in particular will cause sudden increases in blood sugar and then sudden drops. By making healthy choices of around 100-200 calories for snacks, weight control is maintained and kept fit and fluctuations in blood sugar are tried to stop. Here are the some low calorie snacks.

Things to be Considered in the Snacks

  1. The snack times should be adjusted not to exceed 2-3 hours after the main meals. With a delicious 15-minute break for you, you will take a step towards healthy eating.
  2. They keep you full for longer due to the fact that fiber foods stay in the stomach longer. If you choose healthy and fiber snacks, you will increase the amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals you take. It is also very useful to consume fiber foods for digestive system and intestinal health. Fruits and vegetables, whole grain products are examples of fiber foods.
  3. As with every meal, the amount of servings should be taken into consideration in snacks. It should be remembered that any food that is consumed excessively will turn into fat in the body. Keep in mind that you are consuming snacks, not main meals.
  4. Attention should also be paid to the consumption of products under the name Light. It may be preferred for snacks, but anyway, light will have more harm than finishing 1-2 packages in a sitting that has less calories.


The avocado has a green crust, the edible portions are white and a large core in the middle. After dividing the core in half and removing the core, it can be eaten with the help of a spoon or peel like an apple and then the core can be removed. It is one of the most beneficial methods of squeezing only lemon and it is suitable for many salads and sandwiches. Also, avocado protects heart health

There are scientific studies showing the benefit of consuming an avocado a day for heart health. Avocado consumption can help lower bad cholesterol levels with a cholesterol-lowering medium-fat diet. However, since it represents the avocado oil group, you need to reduce the oil in the recipe you use with avocado.

Avocado is worth trying to discover both health benefits and different flavors. In addition to monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados, there are fiber and phytosterols. Although it is not possible for avocados every day, it is useful to occasionally make room for new foods in your kitchen. Avocado can be consumed in salads, sandwiches, chicken or fish, or with whole grain foods. Half of the avocado will be a good choice for your snacks.


Yogurt is one of the most consumed dairy products worldwide. It is widely consumed. Yogurt has been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times and has been defined as the elixir of healthy life. Especially home-made yoghurts are more beneficial for health. Since yoghurts produced in factories go through a number of procedures, some vitamins and minerals lose their value.

What makes yogurt so important for health is undoubtedly the nutrients and different elements it contains, especially it contains a rich amount of nutrients that are good for bone and skeletal health. Contains vitamin C and B 12. In addition, it contains potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and manganese that are good for bone health. It also contains omega-4 and omega-4 oils, which are very important for body health.

Eating a bowl of yoghurt in your snacks reduces your hunger and provides you with energy. At the same time, if you do not want to consume yogurt plain, you can add oats and fruits.


If you think that banana is just a fruit specific to monkeys, you are wrong, I am sure that you will discover the benefits of banana and your ideas about banana will change when you read this article to the end.

Banana is one of the excellent snack foods that nature offers us. This value of banana, like other foods, contains rich minerals, vitamins and other elements that contribute to our health.

Generally, after the banana is consumed, the peel is thrown. But the peel of the banana is also useful in many respects, especially skin diseases. In addition, it strengthens teeth and gums and is effective against black spots on the eyelids and skin. Bananas contain rich amounts of calories, protein, sodium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, E, K and C.

You can try to consume the banana, which is very useful for your snacks. If you are looking for an easy-to-carry, delicious, high-fiber, satisfying snack, bananas are definitely recommended at first. Spread the sugar-free peanut butter on a slice of wholemeal bread, slice a small banana and sprinkle with a little cinnamon. Your delicious and healthy snack is ready.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruits are very suitable for snacks. In researches on the benefits of dried fruits, it was found that dried fruits are more beneficial than wet fruits. Although dry seasons are low in calories, dieters still need to consume more carefully and in limited amounts.

Among the benefits of dried fruits is that they contain high amounts of vitamin C in the first place. For this reason, it is recommended to eat dried fruits especially during seasonal diseases and influenza outbreaks in order to strengthen the immune system and strengthen the body against diseases. Since the nutritional values ​​of dried fruits are high like fresh fruits, especially in the summer period, the fruits should be dried and stored and thus, these fruits should be used in the winter season.

These nuts, which have many varieties that do not end with counting, have many benefits that do not end with counting. Vitamins and minerals in the nuts accelerate the development of the brain, allowing the person to have a brighter intelligence. It is a food that contains high amounts of protein in terms of the nutrients it contains.

Thanks to the fact that the structure of the dried nuts is fibrous and dry, it makes the person less hungry. In this case, it enables the person to turn to the nuts and to be the number one choice. Thanks to the nuts, the person gains less weight because he eats less and this makes the person happy. Its rich nutritional value is also good for many ailments.

When dried fruits and dried nuts are consumed at the same time, it prevents sugar from rising suddenly and ensures sugar balance. Thanks to dried fruits, you will meet your sweet need. In addition, you will have a healthy snack with a hearty feature.


One of the basic rules of healthy eating is to consume vegetables. There are people around you that you know are vegetarian. Vegetables that have high nutritional value and contribute to both the immune and digestive systems contain almost everything our body needs.

Cheese can be added to salads prepared without vegetables from salads, tomatoes, peppers, seasonal greens for snacks. (If cheese is not added, salad can be consumed with yoghurt and buttermilk.) As the protein is taken along with vegetables that fill the stomach volume and contain fiber, the duration of satiety is prolonged. Or you can consume any vegetables your soul wants in your meals as raw.

Contains a very small amount of calories in the content of raw vegetables. This amount is almost nonexistent, so when your stomach is hungry, you can consume various vegetables rather than consuming harmful foods. Eating vegetables will provide many benefits for your health.

Coffee with Milk

In addition to its many benefits, coffee with milk appears as an aid in many issues. Coffee is one of the healthy methods to be applied for people who want to lose weight. Coffee with milk gives a feeling of satiety and stops appetite and prevents the person from feeling hungry during the day.

It is also easy to make milk coffee, but it is also a delicious and sweet drink that will satisfy your wish. When you consume milk and coffee, you avoid the need for dessert and the sweet crises during the day.

Coffee has a stress relieving effect. For this reason, it will be very useful to consume milk coffee during the exam periods. Since coffee is a diuretic food, drinking plenty of water while drinking coffee with milk balances your body’s water loss. If you are on a diet, you can choose milk coffee as a snack. Next to the milk coffee, there is a light snack with a bit of dried nuts.

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