The fact that the nearest gym is far from your home is not a valid reason for not doing sports. By learning the abdominal muscle exercises you can do at home, you can also exercise economically. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about things like traffic or bad weather affecting your exercise routine.

The abdominal region carries the weight of the lower body. It is also the region where the most fat accumulates. Running this area helps to improve posture, reduce back and lower back pain, and protect your organs. In addition, strong abdominal muscles both increase lung capacity and reduce constipation problems. There are types of abdominal movements.

Everyone wants a shapely flat stomach and prominent baklava. You can achieve this with a simple but stable exercise routine. You will only need a flask to work on, and a towel to dry your sweat.

Let’s talk a little bit about the things you need to pay attention to while exercising at home. First, you should definitely drink enough water before and after exercise. You should wear suitable and comfortable clothes for exercise and exercise at a certain time and place.

In addition, your exercise plan is also very important. You should not run your abdominal muscles every day. In order for the muscles to rest and regenerate, you should take a day off between training sessions. After this kind of movements you can have abdominal muscles. You ca do this abdominal movements at home.

Plank Movement

plank movement

It’s the most common question that which muscles activate with the plank movement? Plank movement is the most effective movement of abdominal muscle exercises. You train all your muscles, including cross abdominal muscles, rectus muscles, lateral abdominal muscles and hip muscles.

This regular movement will relieve back pain and you will strengthen your back and gain support. Plank speeds up your metabolism, your posture and balance improves, and your stress and tension levels decrease as the muscles relax.

You should stay in this position for at least 30 seconds, with your elbows on the floor, with your elbows at 90 degrees, and your body parallel to the floor.

Bicycle Crunch

bicycle crunch

Lie on your back for bicycle movement and put your hands behind the head. Raise your legs off the floor and your lower legs are parallel to the floor.

In this case, lift your shoulder off the ground and bend diagonally until your left elbow approaches your right side and simultaneously bend your right leg towards your left elbow and continue the movement with both sides.

Then slowly return to the starting position, just like turning the bicycle pedal. You can repeat this movement as much as you can.

Abdominal Crunch

abdominal crunch

Abdominal crunch; It is one of the first exercises that come to mind in abdominal muscle movements. Lie on your back, knees are broken and your soles are on the floor. Your knees should be open at hip level.

Put your hands behind your head, but don’t put your fingers together. Let your thumbs come behind your ears. Keep your elbows open to the outside, let them be slightly inward. Lift your chin up slightly, get a gap between your chest and chin. Pull your belly in.

Let your head, neck and shoulder bones rise from the ground at the same time. Wait 1–2 seconds while on the vertex. Then, slowly go down and end the movement.

Reverse Abdominal Crunch

reverse abdominal crunch

Lie down on your back for reverse abdominal movement. Your arms are next to your body and your legs are 90 degrees broken. Lift your hips upwards, wait a bit at this point and go back to your old position.

You can start your abdominal muscle movements at the initial stage with 10-15 repetitions and three sets and increase your number again.

By adding this movement to your sports list, you support the strengthening of your abdominal muscles. However, doing the movement correctly will be the biggest factor in increasing the effect.

Swiss Ball Crunch

swiss ball crunch scaled

Swiss ball crunch is among the more reliable abdominal muscle movements than the shuttle movement.

Lie on the ball with your upper body up to your hip for this exercise, which is performed with an exercise or pilates ball, and that works most of the abdominal muscles.

Break your knees as if you were sitting on a chair and firmly step on the ground. Place your hands diagonally over your shoulders and get up from where you lie. Make it in the form of three sets and fifteen repetitions.

Arms High Partial Sit Up

arms high partial sit up

Arms-high partial sit up, which is similar to the abdominal crunch movement, you can safely do it at home as it is an exercise that is easier to do and will not harm your waist.

This movement; It is very effective in working out your upper muscles. Lie on your back and break your legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Raise your arms and try to get a little off the ground with the power you get from your arms.

Then lie down again. Try to practice this exercise in three sets and fifteen repetitions. Do not forget to add this movement every time you exercise.

Superman Movement

superman movement

With the Superman movement, the lower abdominal muscles, hips and lower back will become operational.

Lie flat on your face with a soft mat on the floor. Stay with feet behind and arms forward. Then, arms and legs stretched, and the abdomen should touch the ground.

Breathe while lying on the floor and lift both legs and arms as much as you can while exhaling. Breathe again.

Wait 2 seconds like this and slowly return to your first position by breathing. you can continue doing this as much as you wish. You should not neglect to give short breaks.

Flutter Kicks

fluter kick

First, the back is laid on the ground. Hands are joined behind the head and the head is raised until the shoulders are slightly raised. At the same time, the feet are lifted 15 inches above the ground.

The right foot is slowly raised a little higher and returned to its original position. The same procedure is applied for the left foot. If you wish, you can apply this exercise on the exercise device, not on the mat.

But if you do this exercise at home, of course, it would be more appropriate to do it on a mat. Also, if you suffer from back and lower back pain, using an exercise device instead of a mat would be a much more ideal choice.

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