Water, which is the most important of our life resources, is very important for the functioning of our bodies.It is also very important for our body to work in balance.One of the mistakes made in general is that people forget to drink water during the day or wait for  to be thirsty.It is very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.Drinking water has many benefits, ranging from headaches to smooth skin, and even coping with stress.it is very harmful  not to consume water that has such benefits.Here are some of the benefits of drinking water that you know or don’t know.

Reduces Joint Pain

Approximately 70% of our body consists of water.There is water in the fluid that provides lubricity in the joints of the human body.When we don’t drink enough water on a daily basis, the lubricity in the joints starts to decrease with the fluids that are in between the joints.As a result of lack of water, joint pain occurs and causes sound from joints during movement.If this problem is left untreated, joint surfaces may erode and become permanent joint disorders.Bu tür sorunlardan uzak kalmak için gün içerisinde yeteri kadar su içmek bu sorunları önler.

Helps Renew Skin

When the amount of water drunk during the day is low, the skin becomes dry and sweating rate decreases.The body loses its elasticity over time by not being able to maintain heat balance in itself.Eczema and fungi are frequently observed as long as the water does not drink, also nails and hair begin to break, cracking on the skin and if the condition goes forward bleeding may occur. During the absence of water, the body becomes exposed to microbes.

Helps Prevent Cramps

Drinking water on a regular basis is very important for a healthy diet while exercising and having a good sleep.When the muscle mass in our body increases, the need for water starts to increase.The water to be drunk before and after sports will greatly help to deal with muscle contractions and cramps in the body.

Helps Protect Liver and Kidney

Drink water regularly ensures the removal of toxic substances from the liver and kidneys.Toxins in the body cannot be discarded unless sufficient water is consumed, the amount of urine decreases during the day and its color darkens.With the accumulation of minerals in the body, kidney stones begin to form and as a result of the accumulation of toxins on the liver, hepatitis and liver damage may occur.Therefore, drinking enough water during the day is of great importance for human health.

It feeds the Heart and Vessels

A large part of the blood circulating in the veins in the human body consists of water.If water consumption is insufficient during the day, fainting may occur due to a decrease in blood volume in the human body, a slowdown in blood circulation, darkening in blood color, development of arrhythmias, a decrease in blood pressure and also a drop in blood.As a result, there is a decrease in the amount of blood going to the heart and other organs, causing obstruction of the darkening blood vessels.It also causes blockages in vital vessels, such as vital cerebral vessels and heart coronary vessels, making it easy to develop diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

Helps Prevent Constipation

Regularly consuming fibrous foods and drinking plenty of water makes the digestive system work properly.As a result of regular non- drinking water, the digestive system starts to work less and causes constipation.In order to prevent problems such as constipation and indigestion, water consumption during the day must be paid attention in order to contribute to the regular functioning of the digestive system.

It Provide a Support in Pregnancy

The body’s need for water increases during pregnancy compared to normal times.The development of the baby in the womb is in the fluid called amniotic in the womb, and the blood volume of the mother starts to increase over time, which triggers the need to drink more water.For these reasons, it is very important to consume sufficient water during pregnancy to avoid any problems and to have a healthy pregnancy.

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