What are the biggest mistakes made in diet? I want to enter this summer more fit, I will be in the gym, I will do more exercise, I am starting a diet on Monday. You’ve said these words to yourself dozens of times, but have you not? Can’t diet? Or even if you are on a diet, you cannot lose weight or even gain? Then there is something wrong.

Many of us have been on a diet at some point in their lives. Quickly, he tried the programs we heard from the ear to lose weight quickly, maybe he lost weight, but later he gained more. Often with the desire to lose weight fast, you can follow the wrong diets. Or you may feel that you are not losing weight fast enough despite being loyal to the diet. Regardless of how healthy you eat or how often you exercise, many people make the same mistakes in diet. These mistakes are not only aimless efforts that make us tired of diets, but also disrupt our health and cause us to gain more weight.

Instead of following popular diets, it would be much more beneficial to lose healthy weight with diets prepared specially for us. Otherwise, mistakes we make during the diet may cause us to experience irreversible health problems. However, it should be remembered that healthy diet is very important whether you are on a diet or in your normal life. Keep reading our article to learn what you should not do while on a diet and to see what are the most common dietary mistakes.

Don’t Lose Your Health For Losing Weight

One of the most important mistakes that dieters make is not to give the body enough carbohydrates. When the diet starts, the carbohydrate needed for the metabolism of people who completely cut the nutrients such as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, corn, and the sugar in the blood starts to use the carbohydrate in the muscle, which means muscle loss and the body loses water with it.

In other words, the person who cuts carbohydrates in the diet falls into the error of losing weight when he sees the result in the scale, but the real thing is not the fat lost by the body, but the muscle and water. Because low-calorie diets with high protein and low carbohydrates accelerate metabolism, it provides rapid weight loss, but it is not only fat loss and weight loss, but you lose 2.7 grams of water when you lose 1 gram of muscle.

If you lose weight on the scale, if your face, arms are thinning and the abdomen with fat deposits do not thin, you are not losing fat and you are not weakening correctly.

Stay Hungry and Want to Weaken Immediately

Of course yes to lose weight but no to lose weight. It is enough to be hungry for 24 hours to see that you are weakened in the scale. However, this is not true weight loss. Because with this method, the body loses water and the muscles shrink but the fat does not melt.

At this stage, the organism converts the muscles into energy to capture the energy it needs. That is why the person who does not eat during the day starts to feel weak. Because, without taking carbohydrates, all stores empty in 12 hours, blood sugar drops, sweet desire increases, weakness increases, work efficiency decreases, headache becomes.

It is very normal for a person who does not eat bread in the afternoon to ask for dessert in the afternoon because he did not give the carbohydrate to the sugar stores at noon, and the blood sugar that dropped when the tank was emptied made the person physiologically obliged to eat sugar, so meal compositions are important.

If you only eat salads and grills at lunch, if you do not get any carbohydrates, it will not prevent your snacking needs when you go home and you will eat much more.

Don’t Skip the Snacks

Snacks are generally not intended to be consumed, and are considered to be able to lose weight faster if not consumed. Snacks do not consist of excess calories.

The main purpose of the snacks is to eliminate the hand-foot tremor, nerve disorder and the desire to be overloaded with the next meal, which will arise as a result of the blood sugar level falling between the 2 main meals.

Snacks will help individuals to lose weight as they will speed up their metabolism. For this reason, by adding snacks between the main meals during the day, you prevent excessive hunger.

Implementing a One Type Nutrition Program

Since the intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat cannot be balanced in uniform nutrition programs, it will go beyond the understanding of healthy nutrition. In a healthy diet, it is important to lose weight from fat rather than losing weight.

In a uniform diet, individuals can lose weight, but these weights are lost not from fat but from muscle. All four food groups must be consumed in order to lose weight in a healthy way. Spring is here, so thin clothing will be replaced by thick clothing worn in winter, and excess body will appear. For this reason, almost everyone started to lose weight.

Since being a zero body is perceived as a symbol of beauty in recent years, there are many people who are starving for this purpose, who are fed with uniform food and prefer “diet” models that are not based on scientific truth. The goals are often the same: losing weight very quickly in a very short time. But beware.

You may gain weight, on the contrary, while you want to lose weight due to the diet mistakes you make unwittingly. Even worse, you may experience many health problems, from weakness to concentration impairment, headache to hair loss, gastritis to impaired blood sugar balance. The reason behind the mistakes we make while trying to lose weight is the wrong information that spreads from ear to ear.

Insufficient Water Consumption

Insufficient water consumption, which is one of the most common mistakes in diets, is the biggest factor that reduces weight loss. Drinking water is the most difficult and easily forgotten habit. It should not be forgotten that the most important factor to be done in the diet is water consumption.

Inadequate water consumption causes edema in the body and prevents the digestive enzymes from working well enough. As you go, your metabolism slows down. This is an important factor that stops weight loss and impairs health. Tea or coffee consumed daily does not function like water.

Their excessive consumption slows the metabolism, causing bloating. Drinking water should be an indispensable habit for slimming. It is quite wrong to reduce water consumption, thinking that it will be too much in scale and will make edema in the body.

Water consumption is very important in terms of eliminating edema, accelerating fat breakdown and improving body health. In addition to slimming, water consumption is also very effective for heart health, kidney stones removal, development of the brain system and skin beauty.

Excessive Exercise

You will inevitably lose some muscle and fat mass during weight loss. If you do not exercise while reducing your calories, you will lose more muscle mass and your metabolism will slow down.

With exercise, you minimize the amount of lean mass you will lose during the diet. A diet-supported exercise program helps increase fat loss and prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Exercises should be a habit that should never be left out while dieting.

Excessive exercise also causes problems. In the long run, excessive exercise becomes unsustainable and causes stress and distancing you from diet. Stress can also disrupt your hormone production.

Don’t Look At Your Weight Every Day

Planning about your diet will lead you to success. From the water you drink, to the food you eat, from the calories you take, to the calories you spend, follow yourself, your schedule on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In particular, follow your weight loss by weighing once a week, at the day and time you will determine, rather than being weighed every day. Your weight may vary daily. Conditions such as “edema increase, constipation” during the day will make you look like you have gained weight on the scale and cause you to lose motivation.

Great efforts and efforts are not required to lose weight. It is in your hands to overcome obesity, the biggest problem of today. You can achieve big changes in your body with minor changes in your life.

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