Being happy should not be seen as just a psychological condition. When enough serotonin hormone is not secreted in our body, certain reactions may occur in our body. Being happy is not just a positive attitude towards life. It is also related to the chemical balance found in our bodies. It is a condition that is related to hormones that cause us to feel happy in our bodies. Serotonin, which is secreted in our body, can cause us to be unhappy or even depressed when it is not secreted. Unhappiness affects our mental state as well as our physiology to a large extent. It can cause unhappiness and depression as a result of a lack of hormones. Some of the situations that show our bodies are unhappy are as we describe below. 

Increased Desire to Eat Sweet and Junk Food

When the level of serotonin in our body is low, our body may start to need sugar-containing products to raise it. As a result of consuming such sugary products, the level of serotonin hormone increases in a short time, making your mood better and causing you to be happy. However, this process has a short-term effect. As a result, your happiness hormone level decreases even further and you start to need to eat more sweet foods. This also becomes an addiction. As a result, you can gain weight.

It Causes Weight Gain

When dopamine, known as another happiness hormone, is missing in our body, we lead to weight gain. When your dopamine levels are reduced, you tend to eat a lot more than eating dessert. You try to raise the level of the dopamine hormone by eating more. as a result of this situation, only the addiction to eating occurs.

Diminished Level of Empathy

Many studies have shown that the hormone oxytocin has a link with the level of empathy. The hormone oxytocin also plays a role on our mood in the same way as other hormones. If your oxytocin hormone is missing, it is quite easy to understand. If you have problems in empathizing with other people, you may have oxytocin deficiency if you have difficulty understanding their mimics.


Insomnia is a condition that affects many people. Although insomnia is associated with effects such as stress, it is associated with low levels of serotonin hormone. The lack of serotonin hormone in our body causes sleep problems in the first place and affects your mood changes. If you can’t get your sleep, you may feel stressed and tense during the day.

Breast Sensibility

Estrogen is another hormone that affects our body in the same way as other hormones. Women may experience breast tenderness during periods when they have low estrogen levels. When the hormone estrogen is missing, the onset of pain and tenderness in the breasts has become quite common today. 


One of the most common conditions is tremble. Tremble are among the conditions that can occur due to a lack of dopamine in our bodies. Tremble are among the conditions that can occur due to a lack of dopamine in our bodies. As a result of the deficiency of this hormone, involuntary muscle contractions may occur. Although it is generally known as a common condition on the hands, it can also be seen as a sign of a neurological disease. A better solution would be to consult an expert to understand this.


It is the headache that we come across most in our daily lives and it becomes a problem for everyone. Headache can be seen as a result of another hormone progesterone deficiency that affects mood. If you have a headache directly when you are unhappy, you may suspect a lack of the hormone progesterone. At the same time, this pain can occur in the form of migraines.

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