When you want to make your lashes look longer, bushy or more remarkable than they are, lashes grow in your hands. If you have difficulties when you want to wear false eyelashes with thousands of models in the cosmetic world at home, it is useful to learn the tricks. How to wear lashes? Are false eyelashes harmful?  False eyelashes are not indispensable for special occasions, although they are not preferred in daily use.

False eyelashes, which are among the number one choices of women who want to prepare carefully, are divided into eyelashes that are worn one by one and as a whole. You can get a more natural look by choosing eyelashes that are worn one by one in your daily life. However, its use and installation is a bit troublesome.

You should know about how to wear lashes? First remove the eyelashes from the pack with the tweezers. Measure the eyelash you removed without sticking it to your eye so that it does not come to the inside of your eyelid. If the false lashes look big on your eyes, make sure that the outer part is a bit cut, not too artificial.

Applying Mascara On False Eyelashes

Even if you use false eyelashes, you may sometimes want to use mascara to increase the effect even more. According to experts; You can apply mascara while wearing false eyelashes.

However, there are a few points to consider; You should use special mascaras used for false eyelashes. Standard mascaras can contain oils that will react and dissolve with false eyelash glue. Thus, your lashes will shorten the usage time. You should read the list of ingredients very carefully and make sure that there is no oil in it.

You can click here to examine the best oil-free mascaras we have chosen for you. You should not use waterproof mascara, as this can reduce the effect of your eyelash glue. You can click here to review eyelash adhesive types and prices. When applying mascara, make sure that your lashes do not thicken. This can cause an exaggerated look. It can also make eyelashes heavier.

Use Water Based Makeup Remover

If you have used false lashes, you should use a water-based makeup remover on your face. They do not remove makeup as quickly as special gels, but they do not dissolve the glue used to trim the lashes.

This is necessary for your eye health. Therefore, if you are wearing false eyelashes, you should be careful to use a water-based make-up remover.

Take Care When Removing False Lashes

While we are removing false lashes, we are all nervous. But actually removing them is quite simple.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to. It’s definitely like not using your nails. In terms of how to remove false lashes;

  • Apply the cream to your lashes with a silicone stick or cotton swab
  • Leave it for a while (about 4 minutes)
  • Then separate the lashes with tweezers, pull them out from the ends.
  • Once you have removed all the lashes, clean the skin as usual.

Is False Eyelash Harmful?

This is a really difficult question. Experienced eyelash artists claim that there is no such risk. Ophthalmologists say that they have to deal with the results of false eyelashes on a regular basis. However, we can list the risks of false eyelashes for the eye as follows;

  • Too thick lashes can create a fan effect. This increases the amount of air blown into the eye, causing it to dry faster. This can lead to discomfort.
  • Many types of glue contain formaldehyde, which can cause an allergic reaction. So when you get your first false eyelashes, you have to make sure you use a good eyelash glue. You can click here to review and buy the most popular eyelash adhesives.
  • Bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus live in our lashes. These bacteria are not harmful unless they are too much. However, false eyelashes can cause bacteria to multiply, which can lead to blepharitis, a very difficult condition to treat.

Quick Distortion of False Eyelashes

This could possibly be due to a usage error. Shower should not be taken in the first hours after eyelashes. On the other hand, you need to warn the cosmetologist about allergic reactions and vitamin deficiency before applying eyelashes.

On the other hand, you should not rub your eyes frequently. If attention is not paid to these issues, the eyelashes continue to fall.

Beauticians can also make mistakes from time to time. However, if your lashes started to fall too quickly, the following problems may have occurred;

  • The beautician may have used the wrong glue.
  • Your eyes may be wet during the procedure and the beautician may not have noticed this.
  • He may not be able to set the right humidity and temperature in the room.
  • For this reason, attention should be paid during this process.

Pay Attention to Oil Based Products

If you want to prolong the life of your false lashes, you should not use oil-based products. The oils contained in some makeup remover can deform the bonds between your lashes and cause them to break.

Therefore, you should pay attention to these features when purchasing new products.

Is False Eyelash Used Again?

Sales of false eyelashes are made according to certain standard sizes. For this reason, you should definitely adjust it according to your eyes after purchase, and you should make cutting operations. While half a cm of space is sufficient from the eye spring, you can use it by cutting it according to the eyelid dimensions.

You can also use your hedgehog not only once, but also continuously. The same false eyelashes can be used for very long periods, especially if they are kept well. It is also practical to remove false lashes after their use. However, first of all, it is necessary to carefully clean the eye makeup with the help of cotton.

After wiping, you should pour a few drops of clean cotton oil-based eye makeup on clean water. Just leave the slightly soaked cotton on the false lash for a few seconds. You can get help with the use of tweezers to remove the false eyelashes that began to soften. Extraction is completed without any damage or negative effects.

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