To define negative energy, it is a kind of energy that can damage a person’s universal harmony and integrity, disrupt the energy balance and, accordingly, negatively affect the people around it. This negative energy affects us negatively in many ways. It also has quite a negative effect on our health. Research has shown that people with negative energy are more likely to have diseases than people who choose to live with positive energy, and that there are fewer opportunities for them throughout their lives. You can determine that the person have positive or negative energy by looking at the reactions of the person in front of you as a result of an event that happened at that moment. In our lives some of the ways to dispose of this negative energy found are as follows.
Start by making a list

Start by Making a List

First, choose a nice notepad to create a list for yourself. The purpose of creating this list is to rank the importance things for us in our lives. It is to determine what is more important and what is at the lower stage. The list may include family, career and relationships. Under each topic you have written, write down how to improve each one. Then, if there are any obstacles in these development paths that you write, make it your goal to get rid of that obstacle as soon as possible.

Purge from Evil Energies with a Pinch of Sage

With a branch of dry sage you will be able to get rid of all the negative energies in your home. Dry sage in a bowl of soil after burning the correct method will be to extinguish by blowing. After putting out the flame, put the sage in any corner of your house that continues to reek. Windows must be closed to allow this reek to spread into the house. After this process, you can fill your house with fresh air by opening your windows. By placing this incense under your feet or on your head, you contribute to the regulation of your personal energy. When you perform this procedure, keep your eyes close and keep think that these evil energies are fly away from you.

Try to Drink more Water

.Although drinking water is beneficial for health, it is also important for taking away bad energies from our body. Even if the amount of water we drink during the day varies from person to person, we should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. This will allow us to get rid of the bad energies in our bodies more easily. If you wish, you can consume water by adding lemon instead of drink only water drinking.

Regulate your Nutrition

We know the many benefits of healthy eating to the human body in daily life. In addition, removing unhealthy foods from our lives is one of the main rules that are beneficial in terms of increasing our energy. As an example of poor nutrition, excessive consumption of carbohydrates, bad fats, excessive sugar and foods such as flour are. You should reduce the consumption of such foods as much as possible. Instead, you should take care to eat more vegetables and fruits. For these habits to settle, you can start first proceed with simple changes. In time, you will realize that this part of your life has changed before you even know it.

Regulate your Social Life

This article is one of the major stages, which, like the others, is quite important. Maybe you’re not unwittingly negatively charged, but because of the people around you, you’re being charged with negative energy. One of the ways to understand this is to review the people around you, and if you sense someone who has bad energy, you have to remove that person from your life. The reason you do this is because these people pull you back from where you’ve always been during your life and cause you to be constantly negative. For these reasons, if you want to continue your life in positive energy, you need to stay away from these people.

Create a Sleep Pattern

Research shows that it is very important to sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day.  If you sleep less than the hours given, or vice versa, you sleep even more, and you sleep in an inefficient and unhealthy way, this will cause you to spend your day or week in an inefficient manner. For these reasons, creating a good sleep pattern and applying it is an important step in health as well as having positive energy. 

Take Care to Consume Herbal Teas

There is no obligation to consume herbal teas like other articles. Even if consuming herbal tea is not as necessary as others, it is possible to relax by drinking your herbal tea when all that is said is done together. You will also understand this feeling of relief after you apply it all. Consuming teas, especially dandelions,lemon balm, fennel and mint teas, are pretty good options for relaxing. Consuming 1 or 2 cups during the day will be beneficial in terms of relaxation.

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