In general, every woman’s hair problems that have become a major problem when look from the outside is not a pleasant problem.We never give up the processes of showing the hair beautiful like hair dye or perm in daily life.Such beautification processes cause our hair to fracture.Many women do not even go out of the house without blow-dry hair or applying tongs.Although all these procedures save your day and make your hair look nice, they actually cause your hair to fracture inside.As a result of these operations, your hair becomes dull, dry and hard.This is something that no woman would want. In some cases, tie one’s hair up and combing the hair very tightly,has a great effect on the formation of your hair fracture.There are some ways to prevent such situations.

Use a Natural Shampoo

Shampoo has a great effect on preventing hair fracture.Most of the shampoos we use generally contain sulfate.Sulfate in shampoo provides foaming of hair.However, sulfate-containing shampoos, although cleaning your hair and leaving a great feeling in your hair, ıt cause hair damage to the hair tip.Many of us believe that when shampoo is becoming with frothy cleans our hair more, in fact, the foam is certainly not good for fractures, dried and damaged hair.On the contrary, it fractures hair and becomes dull.For this reason, one of the first things to do to prevent your hair fractures will be to choose sulfate-free shampoos.When you use sulfate-free shampoo will be enough for you to wash your hair bottoms only.Otherwise, shampoo to be applied to the ends of the hair may increase the formation of fractures hair ends.

Comb Your Hair with the Right Comb

One of the priorities for preventing hair fractures is to use a good comb.Of course, not using expensive and professional combs, but using combs with wood and natural hair will benefit your hair.Other types of combs, for example, made from plastic or other synthetic materials, will cause more damage to your hair than will result in increased fracture formation.Good combs to be used do not damage your hair and prevent the formation of static electricity.When combing your hair first start with combing the ends you need to scan gradually from top to bottom.With this method, your hair will be more easily combed and will contribute to prevent fractures.Combing your hair on a daily basis is very effective in maintaining your hair and preventing fracture.

Take Care to Drink Regular Water

Fractures in your hair can also occur as a result of our body not getting enough water. Like all parts of your body, your hair needs to get  enough water.Drink regular water helps to reduce the fractures in your hair at the same time helps your hair to gain more shine.It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day.Waiting for become thirsty to drink water is quite wrong, so you can remind yourself to drink water by setting time.

Make Mask with Natural Oils to Your Hair

Instead of applying expensive and unknown chemical products getting from the outside, applying masks that you will make in your own home will be very beneficial for your hair to be beautiful.At the same time, such serums or masks are not a permanent solution to give your hair instant softness and shine.Instead of such short-term treatments, natural oils that you will apply to your hair will make your hair healthier.Examples of these oils; You can prefer coconut oil, jojoba oil and argan oil.You can combine any of these oils or as much oil as you wish and apply them to your hair and wash them either by until night or by waiting a short time.However when you wash your hair you have to pay attention to don’t wash your oily hair directly with water.Apply shampoo to your hair before applying water after that you can rinse your hair.In this way, you will manage to get rid of the oil in your hair more easily.At the same time when you make a mask with natural oil to completely purify the oil from your hair, unlike normal time, you only need to do more shampooing once.

Avoid Heat Contact with Your Hair

If your hair comes into contact with heat, your hair will have more fractures.For example, heat emitting devices such as straighteners and hair dryers damage the fibers in the hair, making your hair more weak.In this way, weakened hair becomes more brittle over time and the hair ends break faster than normal time.At the same time, washing the hair with hot water in the shower can cause the hair to break.For this reason, washing our hair with warm or cold water as much as possible will be a very useful solution in terms of preventing fractures.But first of all, you should stay away from your applying   tools for your hair.If you absolutely want to use it, you can choose products that use ceramic or infrared materials that are less damaging to your hair than other devices.

Regularly Massage the Scalp

Massage to the scalp is relaxing as well as massage to the scalp helps to accelerate blood circulation and make nutrients reach your hair faster.Once a day, you can make your scalp relax by making circular movements with your fingertips.If you want, you can choose to do this applying shampooing process in the shower.If you wish, you can also try to do massage when you apply natural oils.In this way, the oil is thoroughly absorbed into your hair, you will complete the care of your hair.you can also have this massage from another person to enjoy the massage and enjoy the benefits.This is a very useful method to get rid of the fractures.

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